Sponsored Post: Lea Michele Offers Up Sexy New Music Video

Sponsored Post: Lea Michele Offers Up Sexy New Music Video

Lea Michele has released a spicy new music video for a song that you are sure to want to have pumping through your home sound systems to dance and sing along with. You have probably already heard this song being played at the clubs and on the radio, but once you get to see the video, you will definitely be in for a treat. This is the perfect music video to kick off the summer season, with Lea showing off her incredible body and having fun in the sun with a crowd of friends. Keep reading to learn more about the video and why it was so highly anticipated.

Her Solo Album

Lea Michele, the star of the hit television series “Glee”, has long been known for her immense talent when it comes to singing. She has a voice that is powerful and beautiful and simply irresistible. Fans patiently waited for her to branch out and go in her own direction, so when news was released that Lea was finally putting out a solo album, fans were thrilled. And even people who would not necessarily consider themselves fans or followers of Lea’s work were certainly curious about what the album would sound like.

The record, titled “Louder”, was released in March 2014 and Lea is also set to tour the world in the summer of 2014 in order to promote the music and reach as many fans as possible.

The New Single

Lea has certainly been keeping very busy getting her new music out to the masses, and now her latest single, titled “On My Way”, has been transformed into a music video for all to enjoy. The media quickly picked up on the release and started talking about it, and fans immediately started playing the song.To me it sounds best on a surround sound system, (to be honest I only ever listen to music like this) as you can pretend that you’re seeing her live. Don’t worry though if you don’t have a great entertainment system, you can buy them second hand from sites like Gumtree. It makes a difference listening to songs like this on top volume; it adds an extra quality that you can’t get from smartphone speakers.

Getting Close and Personal with a Sexy Hunk

The music video certainly does not disappoint. Lea shows off a sexier side, strutting her stuff in a bikini and singing in front of a mirror, as well as flipping her hair and wearing a provocative backless dress. She is also seen singing her song in the desert as she dances with her friends surrounding her, as well as in a car and even in a bathtub.

But the parts of the video that grabbed most people’s attention were those in which Lea is seen snuggling up to and kissing a blonde hunk that is her love interest. This should come as no surprise, though, as the song is all about giving into your feelings for someone even though you know better. Lea sings that her heart may be too drunk to drive but she is still willing to take the chance and go to her lover rather than listen to her head.

So if you haven’t had the chance yet to check out Lea Michele’s new music video, perhaps we’ve piqued your curiosity. See it here.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GumTree, but all opinions remain the author’s own.

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