Stacy Francis Reveals All About Whitney Houston Confrontation

Stacy Francis Reveals All About Whitney Houston Confrontation

Just yesterday we reported that X Factor finalist Stacy Francis got into a confrontation with Whitney Houston a few days before she passed away. She took to her official Twitter account to say that she regretted the confrontation she had with the singer last Thursday.

Now, she is opening up about what exactly happened during the kerfuffle. She said, “She was out of control. She put her hand in my face. She was screaming at me and called me a b**ch. She just went crazy – like Jekyll and Hyde. I turned to look at her and she pushed my forehead and turned my face away. I grabbed her hand and said, ‘Please don’t do this. You’re everything to me. You’re my idol, you’re a legend.”

She went on to reveal, “I was crying and screaming out, we were both screaming until eventually we were pulled apart.”

Stacy was believed to have angered Whitney after she was spotted talking to Ray J. She said, “There was a lot of alcohol there. She was doing shots. I saw her drink one before she went on stage to sing and then she had another one when she came off. Ray had come over to me when he got there and he hugged me and said congratulations on the X Factor. He had known me for about twenty years and he was happy for me being on such a big show.”

She continued, “But I don’t think Whitney understood. I was with a date. It wasn’t what she thought, but then Ray’s friend stepped between us and I heard Ray telling Whitney that I was a friend of the family. It was really cramped by the stage and at one point I was so close to Whitney that our bodies were touching.”

She added, “She said, ‘Why are you here? Who’s the b**ch?’ It was really weird because we’d been talking for hours. It all went very wrong when she put her hand in my face and pushed my forehead. I was very hurt. I said to her, ‘The thing we don’t want is Stacy Francis from the X Factor fighting Whitney Houston. Please honey, we don’t want that.’ I just wanted to grab her and hug her.”

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