Stacy Keibler Wants Kids With George Clooney?

Stacy Keibler Wants Kids With George Clooney?

This might be Elisabetta Canalisall over again!

George Clooney broke things off with Elisabetta in record time after he caught wind of her wanting anything other than a long-term fling. Now, his current girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, might be making the same mistake. It’s like they aren’t learning anything from his previous relationships or former girlfriend’s mistakes.

A source said, “For now, Stacy is just having fun with George. They each really like sports, especially golf, and they enjoy traveling together.”

The snitch went on to reveal, “Stacy says she isn’t interested in moving in with George yet. She wants to take her time with him – she wants to get married some day, but she doesn’t want to push anything. She values her freedom now to travel whenever she likes. But yes, she hopes having a family will eventually happen with George.”

It won’t. Obviously the women he dates can’t see the writing on the wall. He does NOT want children and he does NOT want to get married again. I just don’t get it. He will treat these women like princesses — until they start blathering on about a real commitment.

You’ve just got to enjoy George while you can — because when you start talking about the future, he’s just going to leave you in the dust.

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