Star: Kendall Jenner Pregnant By Scott Disick

Star: Kendall Jenner Pregnant By Scott Disick

Kendall Jenner is shown on this week’s cover of Star magazine and according to the tabloid’s report, she is pregnant by her sister Kourtney’s boyfriend, Scott Disick. It’s all really downhill from here, folks. You’ve been warned.

The magazine first started their shenanigans about Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick having sex in their late January issue. Kourtney reportedly said at the time that Kendall and Scott were both dead to her following the reporting of their supposed affair. Now, the magazine is taking things a step further in suggesting that Kendall Jenner is pregnant with Scott Disick’s baby.

Kourtney is said to be upset over the revelation and is having nightmares. A source told the magazine, “She can’t sleep at night. And when she does, she’ll wake up in a cold sweat, crying, after dreaming that her half sister is pregnant with Scott’s baby!”

The source went on to say, “Kourtney’s confused and hurt and terrified that Scott will get Kendall pregnant. Of course, Scott thinks it’s all a big joke and brushes it off like every other problem in their relationship.

The spy said that while Kris Jenner appears to be repulsed by the claims, she is happy on the inside. The source revealed, “Deep down, however, she loves the attention her kids and the show are getting from this. But she won’t let Kourtney know that.”

Kourtney has even supposedly hired a private investigator in order to keep tabs on Scott. The source added, “No matter how bad it is, she wants to know the truth. Kourtney knows that sounds crazy, but she’s traumatized, and will do anything for some sort of closure.”

We don’t think Kendall Jenner would thwart her chances of being a model for the long term on the idea of getting knocked up by her half-sister’s boyfriend. Doing so would just be wrong and we think that it’s likely that she is the only one in that family with any sense or morals. What do you think? Have your say in the comments section below.

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