Star Magazine: Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant Again

Star Magazine: Angelina Jolie Is Pregnant Again

Will “Star” magazine ever get tired of claiming that celebrities are pregnant when they are obviously not? It appears not and this latest issue is proof. Angelina Jolie and her fiance Brad Pitt already have six children together and apparently they think that the high profile couple needs another child added into the mix.

To celebrate ten years with Brad, the magazine thinks that it’s necessary to give them a fake baby. It’s a so-called “miracle” baby that the two reportedly conceived using IVF. Angie is quoted as saying that they feel so blessed and the magazine states that she has already gained a total of twelve pounds. In addition, the happy couple informed their brood of six that she was expecting child number seven this year. How lovely…if any of it were true.

Surely there are some supermarket moms somewhere in the world that are buying this nonsense because the tabloids continue to print it. Next week, they will have a cover story on how someone in the spotlight is “pregnant and alone (or betrayed…or both). Do you want to take guesses on who they could be thinking of impregnating next week?

In addition, the magazine covers a piece on Gwyneth Paltrow and her “conscious uncoupling” from Coldplay singer Chris Martin. According to the magazine’s report, Chris has already moved on with Alexa Chung…but that’s okay, because Gwynnie has already noted that Alexa isn’t even on television anymore. Sounds catty, no?

There is also a piece on Dean McDermott interviewing nannies for his and Tori Spelling’s four children. Naturally, because he has already admitted to cheating on Tori with Emily Goodhand, he has apparently cheated on her again with the attractive nanny applicant.

Lastly, the magazine covers a story on Hollywood teens Kendall and Kylie Jenner with their pal Jaden Smith. They are all said to be caught up in a “dangerous cult”. Would that dangerous cult be Scientology? It was rumored that Jaden’s dad Will Smith was supportive of the Scientology cause, so there may be some truth to that.

What do you think?

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