Star Magazine: Bruce Jenner Forced To Live A Lie By Kris Jenner

Star Magazine: Bruce Jenner Forced To Live A Lie By Kris Jenner

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Star magazine. According to the magazine’s cover, Jenner has been forced by his ex-wife Kris Jenner to live a lie. As you may know, Jenner has been in the middle of a transition from male to female. He has been wearing women’s clothes and is reportedly considering undergoing gender reassignment surgery to become the woman that he has always felt he was.

The magazine claims that Bruce said that Kris has made him live a lie. After being married to that succubus for so long, it’s a wonder that this poor guy has any soul left. The magazine talks about his twenty-five years of humiliation after he apparently told her on their wedding night.

Here’s another big revelation: Kris Jenner is a heartless fraud. I know how much you all love her, so that statement alone may come as a shock. Lastly, the magazine reports that Bruce Jenner’s full transformation into Belinda will be complete within the next five weeks.

We’re going to call BS on the reports that Bruce Jenner will change his name to Belinda. He has already filmed his interview with Diane Sawyer, but we will not see him dress in women’s clothing nor will he unveil his new name to the public just yet.

Reportedly, since revealing his plans to transition into a female, some of his family members have been less than supportive of his decision. Namely, his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian. According to reports, she cut Bruce out of her life when she learned of his transition decision – but that could be because she is a simple-minded narcissistic pig who only cares about herself. She learned those wonderful traits from her like-minded mother.

Watch the promotional video for Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer below:

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