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Star magazine: Jennifer Aniston is having a baby!

Star magazine: Jennifer Aniston is having a baby!

Star magazine is at it today, too. With their new magazine cover, they’re claiming that Jennifer Aniston is having a baby! I guess they’re tired of the whole “love triangle” thing between Jen and Brangelina, so they’ve jumped on the baby bandwagon. Because, how can a woman who’s 42-years-old not want to start a family already and not be sickened by the thought of living this unhappy life that everyone must think she has. Ugh.

In their “World Exclusive Interview”, they claim they’ve talked to Jen’s “secret lover” who “tells all!” Of course, we all want to know “Why she waited so long”, don’t you?

She has previously denied adoption and all of the baby rumors, so why must they persist? Now, the only way I’ll believe that Jennifer is actually pregnant is if I see the emerging baby bump when she’s like five months along.

I blame the tabloids.

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