Star Magazine: Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Had A Huge Blowout Fight

Star Magazine: Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Had A Huge Blowout Fight

Jessica Simpson is featured on the cover of the newest issue of Star magazine and inside, the magazine claims that the singer and her husband Eric Johnson had a fight to end all fights.

According to the tabloid’s report, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson spent February 5th out at the Chateau Marmont where they were supposed to be enjoying their time together. Apparently, Eric was looking at another woman and that threw Jessica into a tizzy. It was so bad that the magazine states that she punched Eric in the nose.

After a few drinks the magazine reports that things changed “because Jessica saw Eric exchange glances with another woman.”

The tabloid states that they finished up their dinner quite civilly, but afterward Eric went to the bathroom and was gone for five or ten minutes – causing Jessica to come looking for him. The spy told the magazine, “Eric was chatting with the cute woman Jessica had seen him looking at – and he had his phone out too, as if he was getting her number. Jessica walked straight over and snatched it out of his hand. Needless to say, the brunette left immediately.”

Afterward, the source said, “Jessica went crazy. She was like a woman possessed!”

Do you think that Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are already having problems? They haven’t been married long, but we’re guessing that even he wouldn’t be so bold as to steal glances at another woman when he is out for a date night with his wife. Even worse is that the magazine is reporting that he tried to pick up this other woman. We’re pretty sure that Eric Johnson knows which side his bread is buttered on and wouldn’t dare do anything to jeopardize his marriage to one of the wealthiest women of our lifetime.

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