Star Magazine: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Twins! (Photo)

Star Magazine: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant With Twins! (Photo)

There have been numerous reports surrounding Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton on the topic of pregnancy. Some have suggested that she was already pregnant, while others have said that she couldn’t get pregnant. Others even said that she would be breaking 200 years of family tradition if she didn’t get pregnant with a royal heir within three months of her wedding to Prince William.

Now, Star magazine is claiming that she’s pregnant — and it’s with TWINS!

According to their report, she’s having a boy and a girl and she’s struggling to gain weight. Of course they had to throw that in there, considering she was just photographed recently and wasn’t looking pregnant at all. This is Star magazine, after all, and they’re not known for being a bastion of good journalistic efforts.

A source said, “William almost collapsed with joy – and relief – when Kate called to tell him she was pregnant.”

Would she deliver pregnancy news in a telephone conversation?

Royal biographer Christopher Wilson said, “Kate was under enormous stress to produce an heir quickly. If she delivers healthy twins, it will be wonderful news – a royal first.”

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Do you think Kate is actually pregnant with twins? If so, then how does a rag like Star magazine get an exclusive like that? We say, take this news with a grain of salt….and we’re wrong if we get a royal press release confirming the pregnancy… So stay tuned.

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