Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian Binge Eats; Puts On 22 Pounds

Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian Binge Eats; Puts On 22 Pounds

“Star” magazine’s latest cover is quite comical — it’s almost as if the wonderful writers over there just realized that Kim Kardashian isn’t a size two. According to the magazine, Kim has been left alone and has resorted to binge eating. So she’s basically eating the painful loneliness away?

The magazine claims that Kim and Kanye West’s marriage is on the outs as she has told him that their wedding was a complete and total mistake. After 58 days, “In Touch Weekly” has also claimed that these two are sick and tired of each other — so maybe where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

The tabloid reports that Kim and Kanye have been separated from one another for weeks and she has been too utterly depressed to work out. They also show an inset photo of Kim shoveling food in her pie hole and another central picture of her with “back and elbow” fat.

Has Kim told Kanye that their marriage is a mistake? Will it outlast her second marriage to Kris Humphries? Perhaps, considering that in all appearances they seem happy. Despite that, we’re sure that if there is any kind of story here, she and her famewhoring family will be the first to exploit it for the highest dollar amount possible.

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