Star Magazine: LeAnn Rimes Is Broke And Alone

Star Magazine: LeAnn Rimes Is Broke And Alone

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is featured on the cover of the newest issue of “Star” magazine. Inside, the magazine claims that LeAnn is broke and alone. Apparently someone at the magazine feels that her hubby Eddie Cibrian was only using her for her millions of dollars because now that the money is gone, so is he!

Ugly fights over money seem to be the root of their marriage problems, according to the tabloid. In addition, LeAnn went and got some desperate plastic surgery in order to keep him around in her life. Can anyone guess what she had done?

Lastly, the magazine reports that shameless Eddie went to his ex-wife Brandi Glanville for some cold, hard cash. Could you imagine the look on her face?!?

UPDATE: LeAnn has addressed the rumors on her official Twitter page. She tweeted, “Hahahaha wow, I must sell a lot of Star mags! Flattered”.

And there you have it!

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