Star: Tom Cruise’s Lawsuit – The Secrets And The Lies

Star: Tom Cruise's Lawsuit - The Secrets And The Lies

Tom Cruise waged a lawsuit against Bauer Publishing over two tabloid headlines stating that he had abandoned his young daughter Suri. Life & Style magazine claimed that he abandoned his daughter, while In Touch Weekly printed that Suri was “abandoned by daddy” and implied that he’d chosen his religion, Scientology, over his daughter. Since, he launched a $50 million lawsuit in their direction for defamation.

The magazine claims to have the scoop on new court documents that reveal Tom’s ten most shocking confessions. The tabloid reveals that Katie Holmes played dirty tricks in order to humiliate him and that his bodyguard is under investigation for assault. We’re not sure how any of that actually plays into the lawsuit itself, but we’re sure that Star’s account of the events will be quite entertaining.

If you’re looking for the truth with regard to the lawsuit, then we’d suggest that you read this.

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