Stephen Collins’ Wife Calls Him A ‘Sociopath’ And ‘Pedophile’

Stephen Collins' Wife Calls Him A 'Sociopath' And 'Pedophile'

Former “7th Heaven” actor Stephen Collins is in a world of trouble following reports that he allegedly molested several girls — one as young as ten-years-old. His estranged wife Faye Grant recorded the actor admitting to his crimes during a therapy session in 2012 and had turned the tapes over to the authorities at that time. The taped confession was released to the media and now Collins has been fired from “Scandal” as well as his upcoming role in “Ted 2”. In addition, we have also learned that his agent has dropped him as a client.

Grant has labeled her estranged husband as a “sociopath” according to emails that were sent to his alleged victim. In 2012, Grant emailed a woman of whom Collins allegedly molested as a child and informed her that she forced Collins into therapy. Grant said in the email, “I knew Stephen was a narcissist. I did not know he was a pedophile.”

She also said that her estranged husband “is not remorseful, shows no guilt, and his shame is demonstrated as extreme self pity.”

Grant has also made the claim that Collins used his “7th Heaven” persona in order to get closer to the parents of his alleged victim in order to molest her. She said that he basically used his fame as a pastor on the hit show in order to get time alone with a young girl of whom he allegedly molested.

A source close to Collins said, “The notion that Stephen used his role on ‘7th Heaven’ for any improper purpose is completely false and just another example of Faye fabricating a story to gain an advantage in the divorce proceedings.”

Since the scandal broke, TV Guide and UP TV have effectively canceled re-runs of the popular show. This has also cut off the residual earnings to the show’s cast — so they are being punished for his behavior, in essence.

His agency, Agency for the Performing Arts has also dropped him in the wake of the scandal with a rep for the company confirming that they no longer represent the embattled actor.

We have to wonder why Grant didn’t try to divorce Collins much sooner than the filing? She became aware that something inappropriate happened back in 2000, but struggled to believe it. Then, in 2012, she recorded the tape that started the investigation. Was there a time when she thought that the money was too good to walk away from — even though she knew for certain that he was troubled? She also claimed that she was close to giving birth to her daughter and it was then that he made a comment about being glad that they didn’t have a son because he couldn’t keep his son’s “little penis out of his mouth”. Wasn’t that a huge red flag that it was time to get out?

Their daughter Kate was born in 1989 and if the father made comments like that, wouldn’t it be logical to try to make him seek help at that time? In addition, she wasn’t the one who filed for divorce — he was. Was this all some sad attempt to extort him for money? Her lawyer says no — and we aren’t defending him by any means — but we are wondering if she was guilty by association — for staying as long as she did knowing that he was messed up in the head.

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