Stephen Moyer beats Alexander Skarsgard in Battle Of The Fang

Stephen Moyer has beat out fellow vampire actor Alexander Skarsgard in their Battle Of The Fang. In this battle, the winner gets to choose the slogan for a t-shirt to be worn by the loser. The proceeds of the competition were all donated to charity.

So how did the vampire teams stack up?

Team Bill Compton: $35,043
Team Eric Northman: $34,223

True Blood News reports:

We are proud of ALL the fans that have stepped up and donated to both GulfAid and to SOS Children’s Charities. Of course, we also need to thank Alex Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer for playing along and agreeing to participate in the Battle of the Fang in the first place. Both these guys deserve a round of applause, because their job isn’t done yet. They will each be photographed wearing the appropriate winner/loser t-shirt. Your t-shirt suggestions have been sent to Stephen. He’ll decide which t-shirts need to be created.

Whose team are you on? I’m Team Eric, of course.

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