Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood’s Eric & Sookie Romance

Stephen Moyer Talks True Blood's Eric & Sookie Romance

Season four of True Blood is gearing up to premiere on Sunday, June 26th. If you’ve read the books, then you already know that Alan Ball is only using them as a basis for the storylines. But, we’re still hoping for the Sookie and Eric storyline from book four to come alive.

If you haven’t read the books, then these might be spoilers for the upcoming season….so it’s after the jump for the goodies.

In book four, Eric Northman gets cursed by witches and suffers from amnesia. So, Sookie is charged with keeping Eric safe during this time. In this short period of time, she falls for the helpless side of Eric, sans all of the vampire politics and power that he’s become known for.

And, as you already know, Stephen Boyer (Bill Compton) and Anna Paquin (Sookie) are married in real life, so you would think it would be weird for her and Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) to hook up on-screen.

In a recent interview, Stephen was asked for his take on the possible Eric and Sookie romance and whether or not he has a friendly set rivalry with Alexander.

He said, “I’m sure you’d love me to tell you that we loathe each other and we fight every day, but if you came to the set, you’d just see us having lunch, laughing, the three of us. There’s not really a story there. But we are interested in how the show works, and we are very much into helping the show move along.”

He continued, “I went up to him at the beginning of the season, and I just went, look, I want you to do your job to the absolute best of your ability, and I will not be around when you have to do that stuff. I don’t want you to feel like you’re looking over your shoulder and there’s me at the monitor going, get your hands off her! It’s absolutely not how we roll. Me and him are mates. I think it’s great for the show, I think the fans who have been waiting for that stuff to happen will be very pleased with the way it plays out. But as I said earlier, it doesn’t always go necessarily the way you want it to. That’s what’s great about the show.”

Still, we have to imagine that it’s awkward for all of them, even though they won’t admit it. What do you think?

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