Steven Tyler & Erin Brady Married In Hawaii?

Steven Tyler & Erin Brady Married In Hawaii?

With everyone and their mother getting divorced in 2011, American Idol judge and Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler has decided to tie the knot! According to reports, while in Hawaii with his long-time girlfriend, Erin Brady, they happy couple got married!

His family was said to be miffed over their impending wedding, only because they found out about the engagement only after he had already asked her to marry him.

TMZ has more:

In the photos, Tyler and Brady can be seen partaking in some kind of ceremony with a woman who works for a company whose website says they perform “traditional and ancient Hawaiian weddings.”

Congratulations to the happy couple if the rumors are true! We’re happy for them. Do you think this will stop Steven from leering creepily at contestants on Idol when it makes its return later this month?

Just kidding, nothing could possibly stop that. Could it? Either way, congrats, guys!

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