Steven Tyler tried out for Led Zeppelin

According to Contact Music, Steven Tyler auditioned to be Led Zeppelin’s frontman right after Robert Plant bailed from their planned reunion tour in 2008. Who knew?

Joe Perry said Tyler tried out for the job but rehearsals between him, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were chaotic.

Perry said, “Steven disappeared and I called around. Somebody said he was in London trying out for Led Zeppelin.”

The guitarist spoke with Page since, who told him that Tyler wasn’t familiar with Led Zeppelin’s classics and that Tyler had been under the impression that they were looking to record new music.

Perry said, “Page felt really awkward about the audition, but ultimately it was a group decision.” He must be trying to make all of us fans see that Steven Tyler isn’t easy to work with.

He added, “It’s a kind of window into how hard it’s been to keep the partnership together. It’s not the first time things like this have happened – that’s the downside of our relationship.”

He also said that he’s not against the idea of hiring a woman to front the band. He said, “You’ve gotta think out of the box. Oddly enough, a lot of bands I was in before I had Aerosmith, I had female singers in the band and it was really good… So that’s definitely a possibility.”

Again, no matter how you slice it, Aerosmith is not Aerosmith without Steven Tyler. You want to hear how they sound without Tyler? Check out the Joe Perry Project. Fail.

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