Suburgatory Recap Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Driving Miss Dahlia’ 1/4/12

Suburgatory Recap Season 1 Episode 10 'Driving Miss Dahlia' 1/4/12

Tonight, ABC’s Suburgatory is back from hiatus after making us wait wayyyy too long for the show to return. Tonight’s episode is called Driving Miss Dahlia. It’s been too long since we got our Jeremy Sisto fix!

Tessa gets her license and is now legal to hit the road and Dalia needs her to drive her around so she can stalk the poor boy at school that she has a crush on. I think we have all had a friend like that when you start driving. Will Tessa end up with the boy? Will George be able to fit in suburbia finally?

ABC’s Synopsis:

New driver Tessa is hired by Dalia to help her stalk her crush, but the plan might backfire when Tessa discovers a mutual attraction with her nemesis’ obsession. Meanwhile, George jumps through hoops to join the local country club.

Check out the full, live recap here at our sister site, Tragicomical, as they cover the show, as it airs. Tessa gets her license! And her dad is stuck hanging out at the country club! We never saw that one coming.


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