Switzerland Shop Denies Racism Against Oprah Winfrey

Switzerland Shop Denies Racism Against Oprah Winfrey

Talk show titan Oprah Winfrey was recently in Switzerland when she came upon a shop of which wouldn’t show her an expensive bag. She is one of the richest women on the planet, but was refused service at a purse shop in Zurich. The shop attendant basically told O that the merchandise in the store was “too expensive” for her.

The store’s owner, Trudie Goetz, is slamming the reports of Oprah’s denial of service at Toris Pommes. She attributed the incident to a language barrier which she said caused the misunderstanding.

She revealed in a statement, “There can be no question of that. I welcome every customer and every customer is viewed as a king. It has nothing to do with racism, I think it was rather a communications problem between the employee, who is actually Italian and speaks Italian and also English, but just not as well as Ms. Oprah.”

In addition, the Swiss tourist board has issued an apology to the talk show queen in the wake of the incident.

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