T-Pain’s Superbowl Commercial – Voice Box

I’m guessing this is music related enough to be posted here, since T-Pain is a music artist who will be whoring out the auto-tune party of his for as long as people find it interesting.

Well, I admit, I laughed at this. All the guys sound like girly singers and it is funny because they do not mind! In fact it is encouraged. I KNOW, RIGHT? Well I guess that is funny because it pokes fun at the de-masculinity of men in general today (BAAAAY-BEEEH CAN YOU PASS THE GUACAMOLE-EH. And the fact that it’s being used to sell a light beer, which is beer for men who want to make sure they fit in their sexy skirts. I guess I’ve said my piece on why it is funny, just watch the damn video after the jump.

Personally, I want an auto-tune phone app that would make me sound like Morgan Freeman with a deep voice.

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