Brian Bradley Raps ‘Stop Looking At My Mom’ On The X Factor 9/29/11 (Video)

Brian Bradley Raps 'Stop Looking At My Mom' On The X Factor 9/29/11 (Video)

Fourteen-year-old Brooklyn rapper Brian Bradley brought the house down with his rap on last night’s X Factor audition! He sang his own song called Stop Looking At My Mom and it was easily one of the best performances of the night.

He started off the performance by giving Simon Cowell a bit of attitude, but that was all part of the act to lead in to his rap.

Check out the video of his performance:

Nicole Scherzinger said that she was “skeered” and she won’t be looking at his mom.

Simon said that he’s arrogant, obnoxious and argumentative, but he is one of the most talented young people he’s seen in a long time.

Paula Abdul said that he’s very, very unique and he operates in that place that is just fantastic.

L.A. Reid said he used to run a label called Def Jam and all of the years he worked there, he was looking for Brian, but he never walked in. He said he’s the luckiest guy in the world that he walked in to his life today.

What did you think of Brian Bradley’s audition? Who was your favorite from the auditions last night?

Tora Woloshin Sings ‘I Want You Back’ On The X Factor 9/29/11 (Video)

Tora Woloshin Sings 'I Want You Back' On The X Factor 9/29/11 (Video)

Twenty-one year old college student Tora Woloshin wow’ed the judges and the crowd on last night’s audition episode of The X Factor. She sang The Jackson 5′s hit, I Want You Back. She’s got stage presence and the attitude of an artist.

Check out her performance:

Paula Abdul called her a firecracker up there. L.A. Reid said she seemed blown away by her own reception and that she turned the place out. Simon Cowell said, “I absolutely love you, Tora. There was something about you the minute you walked out. That’s why the show is called The X Factor, it’s more than just a voice, it’s something else. And I think you could be special. I really do.”

He added, “I’ve got a very, very good feeling about you.”

The crowd loved her performance, she was spot on! She definitely has the “X Factor”, don’t you think? It all seemed to come together with her singing and stage presence.

Was Tora’s performance your favorite of last night’s auditions? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

The X Factor USA Season 1 Episode 4 Live Auditions Live Recap 9/29/11

The X Factor USA Season 1 Episode 4 Live Auditions Recap 9/29/11

Up first for The X Factor New Jersey auditions is 14-year-old Brooklyn native, Brian Bradley. This kid has major attitude toward Simon after Simon said that he’s a mini-L.A. Reid. He can rap, though. The song he’s rapping is called Stop Lookin’ At My Mom. Simon called him arrogant, obnoxious and talented. All four judges gave him a YES!

Performing next is Kelly Warner, singing Hallelujah. She was pretty good. She got through to Boot Camp. Next up is Aaron Surgeon, singing I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Nicole and Paula said yes, Simon said no and L.A. said yes. He’s through to boot camp.

Up next is Liliana Rose Andreano and she’s singing You Are My Sunshine. Not too bad! The judges gave her a yes. Singing next is Andy Silikowitz singing Hero by Mariah Carey. His singing is just plain awful and he doesn’t remember the words to the whole song. The judges said no. Continue reading

The X Factor USA Season 1 Episode 3 Live Auditions Recap 9/28/11

The X Factor USA Season 1 Episode 3 Live Auditions Recap 9/28/11

Tonight’s episode of The X Factor brings the auditions to Chicago, Illinois. In case you’ve missed episode one and/or two, you can read our official recaps at these links (Episode 1, Episode 2).

Brock and Mackenna are up first, singing Colder Weather by the Zac Brown Band. They are really talented, considering it’s country music and we’re not fans. The judges all said yes.

Tim Quinn sang afterward and was off the mark. Robin Royal was up next, and she’s awful. Charlesia Heard is up next and she was trying to audition for a judging position. Singing next is Skylore Anderson, singing I Must Be Doing Something Right by Billy Currington. The judges enjoyed his performance, even though the track cut off in the middle of his singing. All of the judges said yes.

Auditioning next is J. Mark Inman singing Creep by Radiohead. He’s awkward and weird in his movements. He got through to the next round, and Simon didn’t get the chance to vote. Arin Ray sang next and got through. Afterward, Josh Krajcik is up next singing At Last by Etta James. He sounds like Michael Bolton. Standing ovation from the crowd and the judges are loving his soulful performance. He got through. Continue reading