Boy George is making a comeback

Culture Club singer Boy George has been labeled singer-songwriter, DJ, fashion designer and photographer, but he’ll always be the one who introduced me to good old fashioned Reggae back in the 1980’s. Culture Club’s debut album, Kissing To Be Clever, was released in 1982, included hits such as I’ll ... Continue Reading

Boy George blasts Lady Gaga over cocaine use

In Lady Gaga’s recent Vanity Fair feature, she talked about how she occasionally uses cocaine and how terrified she is of heroin. Fans seemed to like her honesty, except for former Culture Club frontman Boy George, who decided to call her out on it. He said: Could it be ... Continue Reading

Boy George Is Terrified Of Jail

Boy George was tossed into jail for 15 months on Friday for falsely imprisoning male escort, Audun Carlsen. He was taken to the holding cell where he broke down into tears, telling fellow inmate Richard Lyttle about how terrified he is to get thrown into prison. Richard wanted his ... Continue Reading

Boy George convicted of false imprisonment

[Image Credit: Newscom] Boy George had his butt hauled into court over a false imprisonment charge by male escort, Audun Carlsen. He admitted to cuffing Carlsen on their second meeting because he said that Carlsen had tampered with his computer on their first meeting. Dumb! Didn’t George realize that ... Continue Reading