3 Reasons to Get Adam Levine Discount Fragrance for Your Man

Adam Levine fragrance

GRAMMY award-winning Maroon 5’s front man Adam Levine has garnered fans all over the world for his charisma, good looks, and prestigious mark in the world of pop music. With a popular name to brag, Adam Levine expands his brand through the debut of his new fragrance.

With a new potent scent that’s out in the market, Adam Levine’s new product becomes the perfect gift for your man. But what would it take for you to grab a bottle? We’ve listed down 3 good reasons why getting it is a good idea.

1. New and fresh, yet captivating
Just launched last February 2013, Adam Levine by Adam Levine for Men is a refreshing new scent. With vibrant mixture of grapefruit, mandarin, orange, lemongrass and notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and amber, this truly masculine fragrance has the edge that’s classic yet invigorating with every spray. Whether your man just got out of the shower or will go with you on a dinner date, using Adam Levine’s new fragrance will be suitable whether day or night. Imagine him getting all the compliments of his new, invigorating scent. Truly, he will thank you for every flattering remark he gets.

2. Made for him and her
Adam Levine worked in designing his debut fragrance with ID Perfumes. Developed with Adam’s perceptive sense, the fragrance line constitutes scents for men and women. While the men’s line highlights a refreshing citrus scent, the women’s line combines a floral woody scent with jasmine and rose petals plus a hint of creamy vanilla. His idea of a timeless, seductive perfume that would shock the senses is perfect for that confident alpha man and woman. It’s the best addition to your couple items. While the scent is just part of the idea, Adam Levine also expanded his brand by creating a genuine bottle designed after an image in the music industry – a microphone. Both caps are designed like a microphone’s head made with silver mesh. Additionally , the illusion of a microphone’s wire is marked in the bottle.

3. Popular label on discount
Despite the line being new, you can get Adam Levine’s fragrance on discount. Yes, it does sound unbelievable but Beauty Encounter made it possible for you to get a discount fragrance by saving at least $10 on your purchase. With a great deal, it’s easy for you to purchase one for your man and another gift for yourself. You’ll be one of those couples who can use the fragrance first-hand. A new, captivating scent only matches a power couple like you and your man.

Giving your man a new fragrance that’s ultimately top of the line is one of the sweetest gestures. While you care about him looking and smelling good, you don’t forget that you can also get one that will match your attractive partner. Best of all, having a branded perfume doesn’t always come in a hefty price. With a reasonable and further reduced price, you’ll sure get the most out of your Adam Levine fragrance line.

Katy Perry Unveils ‘Killer Queen’ Fragrance Photo

Katy Perry Unveils 'Killer Queen' Fragrance Photo

Pop singer Katy Perry has unveiled her third fragrance, “Killer Queen” on her official Twitter account. The bottle is cute, but the name is harkening back to the days of Freddie Mercury, don’t you think? We have yet to learn what the fragrance’s notes consist of, but the effort has taken her a year to pull off, or so she says.

She revealed on Twitter, “OK! I have been working on my 3rd fragrance for over a year & want to unveil the look NOW! What do u think?!”

What do you think of the bottle? It’s interesting, but we’re left wondering about the sturdiness of the bottle’s holder. What do you think? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

OMG Check out Katy’s nails at the launch of the fragrance! They’re insane!

Madonna Launches Truth Or Dare Fragrance

Madonna Launches Truth Or Dare Fragrance

Madonna has offered her new ad for her first fragrance, appropriately called Truth Or Dare. She looks like her old self in this ad — don’t you think? She looks as if she’s 20 years younger!

Madonna previously told Women’s Wear Daily, “I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well: something honest, and yet darling, hence the name Truth or Dare.”

Us Magazine reports:

The perfume has top notes of gardenia, tuberose and neroli with base notes of vanilla, amber and musk.

Although it officially goes on sale exclusively at Macys April 1, shoppers can secure their own bottle during a pre-sale for a limited time.

Does this sound like a fragrance that you’re likely to purchase? What do you think?

First look: Christina Aguilera’s new perfume, Royal Desire

We’ve just gotten the first look at Christina Aguilera’s new perfume, Royal Desire, which is expected for release in the fall of 2010. The name of her fifth perfume is dedicated to women who feel like queens. According to the press release, “If you enjoy luxurious things, seduction and finding yourself in the center of attention, this fragrance was created just for you.”

Top notes: white marshmallow, blackberry and mandarin. Heart: honeysuckle, herbs, rose and lily. Base: sandalwood, musk and cedar.

For a look at the box, click after the jump! Continue reading