Megan Fox Isn’t A Fan Of Charlie Sheen

Megan Fox Isn't A Fan Of Charlie Sheen

It appears that Megan Fox has taken some sort of issue with Charlie Sheen. According to reports, Megan was against her husband Brian Austin Green working with Charlie on the set of Anger Management because she didn’t want to associate with him.

A source said, “She has always kept her distance from Charlie Sheen, that is not somebody she wants or needs to associate with.”

Brian joined the cast of the show to play Sean full-time, but Megan wasn’t too fond of the idea. The source said, “The Anger Management money was something that they could not turn down and was guaranteed work for Brian every week for the rest of the year. But Megan is glad that association with Sheen is done now and the job is over for now because it was really hard on the new family. He was working 18 hour days on the show and that’s been really depressing for everybody. It basically made her into a single mother, but again, they needed the money.”

Is it sad that we absolutely cannot wait to see if Charlie comments on this story? What do you think he’ll say?

Charlie Sheen To Evict Brooke Mueller?

Charlie Sheen To Evict Brooke Mueller?

Charlie Sheen is so fed up with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller that he is gearing up to evict her from the gated community in which she lives in Mulholland Estates. It was his idea at first for himself, Brooke and his other ex-wife Denise Richards to all live in the swanky area, but he is apparently getting tired of her crap.

Reportedly, Charlie has already found a buyer for the property, which is said to be worth $4.8 million. A source said, “Charlie knows someone that is extremely interested in buying the house. He hasn’t formally listed the house for sale, because he is hoping to just do a private sale, without having the bother of putting it on the market.”

The source went on to say, “Brooke might be out of the house by the end of the year. If Charlie’s potential buyer backs out, he will formally list it. The house will likely sell very quickly because inventory is extremely low, and Mulholland Estates is a very desirable place to live.”

The insider continued saying that Charlie and Denise “are obviously looking forward to the day when Brooke is finally out of the neighborhood. The idea when Charlie bought the third house in the gated community, was that all of his kids would be living close by, and it would be a large extended family.”

We all know how well that turned out, no? The spy added, “Obviously, with Brooke’s 22nd trip to rehab and all of the drama that has brought on, Charlie thinks it was a huge mistake to have bought the house.”

Charlie Sheen Wants To Work With Chuck Lorre Again

After Charlie Sheen had a meltdown in 2011 directed at his former Two And A Half Men boss Charlie Sheen, it appears that the Anger Management actor now wants to bury the hatchet.

On November 10th, Charlie took to his official Twitter account to say:

hey Chuck.
I have an idea
that u need to hear after I make amends to you and yours.
which I will do in person.

His plea for contact was also accompanied by the following photo of the show’s 2007 Favorite TV Comedy People’s Choice Award:

Charlie Sheen Wants To Work With Chuck Lorre Again

Should Chuck take the bait and work with Charlie after he apologizes? What hoops should Charlie have to jump through to get what he wants? Surely, he could take a great idea to anyone, no? Why does it have to be Chuck, unless it’s an idea with regard to Two And A Half Men? What do you think? Will it be “winning”?

Charlie Sheen Calls Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller A ‘Chubby Weirdo’

Charlie Sheen Calls Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller A 'Chubby Weirdo'

In case you didn’t know, Charlie Sheen’s twins are being cared for by his ex-wife Denise Richards. Brooke Mueller was stripped of custody of Max and Bob after checking herself into rehab for the twentieth time. She tried to get a restraining order against Charlie, but he is now hitting out at her in response.

He took to his official Twitter account to say, “Oh, by the way, nice try this morning Brooke.”

He went on to say, “You are a chubby weirdo who will lose at every turn trying to get between me and my boys.”

In her petition for the restraining order, she claimed that Charlie threatened her life and said that he is on a mission to sabotage her sobriety. She even went as far as saying that he would try to plant drugs on her in order to keep her away from their children.

TMZ reports that the petition claims Charlie said, “There will be a reckoning. There will be a whirlwind. That they will all reap while desperately begging for my forgiveness. You’ve all been warned. I will exercise every resource at my disposal. I will, I will, I will, I will empty my entire war chest and if I can’t get it done, I know a guy who can.”

Do you believe Charlie would threaten Brooke? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Charlie Sheen To Receive $150 Million For ‘Anger Management’ Syndication

Charlie Sheen To Receive $150 Million For 'Anger Management' Syndication

Charlie Sheen could be set to pocket millions of dollars from his hit F/X comedy series Anger Management. Just wait for the hookers and blow!

The star has just wrapped up the 50th episode of the show and it has been revealed that he could earn an impressive $150 million if the show hits 100 episodes, making it eligible for syndication.

The 100th episode of Anger Management is set to be filmed in October next year. He’s already stinking rich, but this would surely seal the deal.

Would you watch Anger Management if it went into syndication?