Chaz Bono Has Life Saving Emergency Surgery?

Chaz Bono Has Life Saving Emergency Surgery?

It looks as if the National Enquirer is at it again with their claims about Chaz Bono’s health. On the November 2, 2011 issue, the tabloid claimed that Chaz only had four years left to live. Afterward, it was said that Chaz was suing the publication over their “smear campaign” with regard to his weight and health.

Not to be scared off, the Enquirer ran another story about Chaz a few weeks later. Apparently, at the time of that article, Chaz was 271 pounds and had already collapsed.

Fast forward to this week’s issue, which claims that Chaz is 301 pounds and is undergoing life saving emergency surgery. Underneath that news, the tabloid claims Chaz had a “heart attack shocker” and a “dangerous three-hour procedure”. His mother, Cher, was so worried that she suffered an anxiety attack.

Also featured in this issue is Bachelor competitor Lindzi Cox running back to her ex. Is Ben Flajnik really going to ditch her for Courtney Robertson? Reality Steve says YES! Will this cause Lindzi to run back to her ex?

Another cover story is Oprah Winfrey giving Bobbi Kristina Brown a $1 million job. What do you think Oprah’s going to have her doing?

Do you believe the rumors about Chaz Bono? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

Chaz Bono Doing Fine After Jennifer Elia Split

Chaz Bono Doing Fine After Jennifer Elia Split

Yesterday, the news was swirling about how Chaz Bono split from his former fiancee Jennifer Elia. But the former Dancing With The Stars castoff isn’t letting the end of his relationship get him down — he’s doing just fine.

Of the split, he said, “Thanks for your concern about our separation. I’m doing fine, and we remain on good terms with nothing but respect and affection for each other.”

He revealed that he was going to tie the knot with Jennifer, but said that they had put things on hold. He previously said, “We’ve been engaged actually for two years and have kind of had to put things on hold a little bit. I would say within a year, definitely. Not to make excuses, but we went through a lot. I transitioned. She went to grad school. Then, you know, we were making the film. And I wrote the book. It was a lot. Now I feel like once this is over, we can sit down and plan a wedding.”

I guess that whole plan is officially out of the window! Who should Chaz date next? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

Chaz Bono Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Jennifer Elia

Chaz Bono Gets Engaged To Girlfriend

Dancing With The Stars reject, activist and author Chaz Bono has reportedly gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia!

According to reports, Chaz presented Jennifer with an engagement ring on her most recent birthday! What a gift!

In a recent interview, he said, “We’ve been engaged for two years and we’ve had to put things on hold.”

So, to cement their relationship status, he gave her a diamond ring during a birthday trip to Seattle, Washington. The happy moment was filmed for an upcoming television show called Being Chaz. She said in response, “Wow, it’s gorgeous – thank you so much. It’s stunning. It’s huge. What he did was romantic. Who would have thought Seattle would be so special?”

Chaz added, “I wanted to pick a special place to give her her birthday present.”

The show will air on OWN tomorrow, November 27, 2011. Will you be watching? Or did you get enough for Chaz Bono on the last season of Dancing With The Stars? I know we did, we thought he acted a bit ungracious getting as far as he did on the show with no dancing talent whatsoever.

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Chaz Bono Is 271 Pounds & Collapsing!

Chaz Bono Is 271 Pounds & Collapsing!

Because the National Enquirer didn’t get enough legal threats over their last magazine cover featuring Chaz Bono, they’ve decided to run another story about the activist/author. According to the tabloid, Chaz has collapsed at 271 pounds!

They ran the story on November 2, 2011 that Chaz has four years to live, but his lawyers fired off a letter to the magazine, demanding a retraction and apology.

Now, friends have raced to save him!

Also featured in this issue is another Kardashian divorce! Apparently, Kris and Bruce Jenner’s marriage is falling apart. In addition, they are claiming that Ricki Lake is pregnant at 42!

Oprah Winfrey is now begging Gayle not to leave her. Justin Bieber is also grounded by his mother for spending $160,000 on a car.

Pals are also fearing that Sally Field is suicidal. In addition, Ricky Martin is getting married to his boyfriend in Spain. Also, Demi Moore has been knifed in the back!

Chaz Bono Relied On Cher During Dancing With The Stars

Chaz Bono Relied On Cher During Dancing With The Stars

Chaz Bono has revealed that he relied on his mother, Cher’s tremendous support during his dancing days on Dancing With The Stars.

He struggled with an injury during the competition, but his mother helped him pull through. In a new interview, he said, “My mom was really into it. When you grow up with Cher as your mother – she’s the performer in the family. My relatives laughed and asked, ‘Do you dance.’ I had tremendous support from her. She got me through it, especially when I hurt my knee. I appreciate everything she does and gives me.”

Chaz went on to reveal that he grew so close to the other competitors on the show that he joked that they would all leave their current partners. He added, “I have become friends with David Arquette and J.R. Martinez and Nancy Grace. We are going to leave our spouses!”

We’re glad that he got through the show with the help of his mother, but we were bummed that he stayed on for so long. The man can’t dance! Sad, but true.

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