The Voice Judges Butcher Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ (Video)

The Voice Judges Butcher Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' (Video)

The Voice judges Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera kicked off finale week on the talent competition with Def Leppard’s popular song Pour Some Sugar On Me. Thankfully for their fans, they were accompanied by Rick Allen on drums, Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen on guitar. That’s where the niceness of this review ends because these singing clowns just butchered one of Def Leppard’s best songs. Seriously. Who thought Cee Lo or Adam (or any of them, for that matter) could bust out the lyrics of this song like Joe Elliott does? NO ONE.

Watch this grossness below, if you dare:

Missing from the action was bass player Rick Savage and singer Joe Elliott. This was a mess of vocal non-ability from where we’re standing. This rendition of the song was just awful and I would’ve voted these guys off the stage for their karaoke-like antics.

What did you think of their performance of Pour Some Sugar On Me? Hit the comments and leave your thoughts! GO!

Christina Aguilera’s 49 Pound Weight Loss Covers Life & Style Magazine

Christina Aguilera's 49 Pound Weight Loss Covers Life & Style Magazine

Singer and coach on The Voice Christina Aguilera underwent an amazing body transformation. As you may recall, Christina took a year off from her duties on the hit talent competition in order to promote her newest album, Lotus. During that time, she also lost a lot of weight and we must say, she looks fantastic!

The smaller inset photo shows Christina at her reported heaviest at 155 pounds. Now, they also have a shot of her at her new weight. The magazine reportedly has details on how the singer/television personality lost 49 pounds. From the magazine:

Bullied and humiliated over her weight, Christina fights back and gets her sexiest body ever. They have details on her no-starve, wine-friendly diet. In addition, she has some delicious fat-burning snack that we’ll be privvy to — along with her sweat-free leg toning trick.

She looks great and is still one fantastic singer. Kudos to her, it must have been a hard journey for her, but like we’ve said, she looks great!

Christina Aguilera Looks Different

Christina Aguilera Looks Different

Christina Aguilera has really worked her butt off in her bid to lose weight and girlfriend looks great, doesn’t she? Kudos to her for buckling down and getting slim again. We can only imagine how much hard work and dedication she put into that.

Christina debuted her new body on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and she looks phenomenal! You go girl!

During her interview, she told Jay, “I’m a big micro manager, I’m a stickler about organization, everything needs a place, a purpose and micro managing myself even when I’m in the studio. … So I think every woman should relax and allow herself to be pleased in the bedroom. It’s the one place I can let go.”

She continued, “For me I’m an artist and expressing myself in a sexual way no matter how that changes throughout the years is something that has always come naturally to me. At this point of my life, I’m 32 and I feel sexier than ever because you know what you want.”

Get it girl!

Christina Aguilera Throws Temper Tantrum Over $500 Bar Tab

Christina Aguilera Throws Temper Tantrum Over $500 Bar Tab

Christina Aguilera may have lost a bunch of weight, but that hasn’t seemed to change her entitled personality one bit. Take, for instance, the singer and Voice coach’s recent trip to a gay bar in West Hollywood. She planned on paying for drinks all the way around the club, but threw a huge temper tantrum when she got the tab.

A source said that Aguilera was at the West Hollywood club Eleven recently when she ran up a huge tab for drinks. She was partying with her two gay friends when she blew kisses to the entire crowd and offered to pay the bill for drinks.

A source revealed, “Flabbergasted when the bartender handed her the hefty bill, she whined, ‘Really? You want me to pay for all these drinks? I thought I’d be comped’.”

The source continued, “The bartender apologized and told her he’d loved to pick up her tab, he’s not the owner and he’d be fired if he did!”

That was all it took for Aguilera to whip out her credit card and pay the bill before storming out of the club. It just goes to show you that you shouldn’t offer if you never had any intention of coughing up the dough to cover the bill – no matter how expensive it turned out to be. What do you think?

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Massive Weight Loss

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Massive Weight Loss

The Voice judge Christina Aguilera is looking good these days! Well, technically she has always looked good, but she sure is rocking her new thinner look. Kudos to her on her recent weight loss – she looks fabulous!

She has always gotten picked on in the media for her fluctuations in weight. Just like any other woman, Christina would shift in weight, but she still looked fine. She still had tremendous talent, but it seemed like the media and fans didn’t like her as much as “skinny” Christina.

Now, you can see the newly revamped Christina Aguilera HERE!

She’s an inspiration….We hope that she shares her weight loss tips with the world so that she can inspire the rest of us.