George Lopez Jokes About Drunken Casino Arrest To Ellen DeGeneres

George Lopez Jokes About Drunken Casino Arrest To Ellen DeGeneres

During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, comedian George Lopez joked about his recent arrest for public intoxication at a Canadian casino. He said, “Well, you know, apparently I’m a bigger Justin Bieber fan than I thought I was. But you know how they always say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but whatever happens in Canada, everybody knows.”

In case you’ve missed it, Lopez made headlines after falling asleep drunk on the floor of a Canadian casino last month. Police arrived on the scene, apprehended him, but chose not to press charges.

Lopez revealed, “They told me, they said, ‘Sir, this behavior cannot continue. And if it does continue, we would be honored if you would be mayor of Toronto.’”

He joked, “I was on my way to my room, I just missed it by 35 floors.”

All kidding aside, Lopez added that he has not had a drink of alcohol since the incident.

George Lopez’s TV Show, ‘Lopez Tonight’ Has Been Cancelled!

George Lopez's TV Show, 'Lopez Tonight' Has Been Cancelled!

George Lopez’s television show, Lopez Tonight, has been cancelled by TBS!

The show has been on the air for two seasons and it’s last show will air tomorrow night. When Conan O’Brien went to the network after being ousted by Jay Leno, his show took the 11pm slot and bumped George’s show to midnight. Seems kind of odd since he was so miffed that Jay did that to him, right?

TMZ has the scoop:

But when the change was made, George’s audience plummeted 40%.

On Monday, Conan pulled in an anemic 0.5 rating in the key demographic (18 – 49) with 715,000 viewers — and that’s a pretty typical day. George’s ratings hovered around 0.2, with 400,000 viewers.

Now that George’s show is in the trash can, what will that mean for Conan’s show? Is it on the chopping block next? What do you think?

George Lopez’s wife, Ann, files for divorce

We reported back in September that George Lopez and his wife Ann were planning on divorcing. Now, Ann has just filed the documents!

She filed the divorce petition in Los Angeles County Superior Court and is represented by Laura Wasser. She cites the reason for divorce as irreconcilable differences.

Perhaps she could reconcile herself with the rumors circulating that he was sexing up hookers?

TMZ has more:

Ann is asking for spousal support and primary physical custody of their 14-year-old daughter.

We’re told there is no prenup.

The couple has been married for 17 years.

Who’s next?

Hookers behind George Lopez’s divorce?

Yesterday, we reported that George Lopez and his wife Ann had officially decided to get divorced. Now, we’re hearing that the reasoning behind the divorce has a lot to do with his hooker scandal from earlier this year.

The National Enquirer reports:

“I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine,” a professional escort who uses the name Tiffany told The ENQUIRER in our May 31, 2010 issue.

The ENQUIRER’s bombshell report of Lopez’s infidelity came as a huge shock because his wife of 17 years, Ann, saved George’s life in 2005 when she donated a kidney to him. But now it appears that Ann, a TV producer, has had enough.

Do you think it’s true? She loved him so much that she donated a kidney to him in 2005 and then he cheats with hookers? Say it isn’t so….unless it’s true.

George Lopez & wife Ann divorcing

George Lopez and his wife Ann are divorcing. The twosome are reportedly trying to keep their divorce as amicable as possible, for the sake of their daughter, Mayan.

TMZ reports:

Sources say George and Ann have been working out details of the split “for a long time,” but they’ve both made the decision to end the marriage.

In 2005, Ann gave George the gift of life by donating one of her kidneys to him.