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Dolly Parton to team up with Jack White on new album?

Rumor has it that Jack White of The White Stripes wants to produce Dolly Parton’s new album.

Per Contact Music:

The rocker, who previously produced Loretta Lynn’s acclaimed 2004 album Van Lear Rose, has reportedly approached Parton with a view to working with the I Will Always Love You hitmaker on her next release.

Parton says, “”I’ve thought about doing it… He (White) seems to be a fan but who knows. You never know what I might do. Every now and then I get offered those things, and I know if and when the time is right. I’m certainly not opposed to doing that. I usually have a set notion of where I’m headed with a certain project and what I want to get out of it. But Lord only knows what I might do when I get a chance to sit down and think about it.”

Alicia Keys wanted Amy Winehouse to do the duet for Quantum of Solace

Alicia Keys
[Image Credit: Jose Goulao via Flickr]

Alicia Keys says that Amy Winehouse should have been included on the new Bond theme, saying that she would have loved to record with Amy.

Amy was definitely in the running to do the new song, but the song was given to Alicia Keys and Jack White to screw up. Don’t get me wrong, Alicia has a great voice, but this just wasn’t her.

Amy was upset over not getting picked to sing the song and even threatened to release her Bond theme on the same day as the Keys/White track.

Alicia says that she would’ve liked to have shared the honor, saying, “I would have loved for her to do it – it would have been awesome. All three of us should do it.”

What she really means is, our version sucked, can you come throw us a bone?