January Jones Won’t Reveal Son’s Biological Father’s Identity

January Jones Won't Reveal Son's Biological Father's Identity

We have to admit it, we are still a bit curious about the identity of January Jones’ adorable son’s biological father. Aren’t you? Little Xander is 20 months old now and is as cute as a button…but don’t think that anyone in the public/media is going to privvy to learning who her son’s father is.

Read what she had to say about her son’s father’s identity here at our friends at Celeb Baby Laundry. We’re not sure why she’s so secretive, are you? You could look at the photos at the source and think about all of her ex-boyfriends and speculate… Any guesses?

Miley Cyrus Is Still Engaged To Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Is Still Engaged To Liam Hemsworth

Despite reports making the rounds that Miley Cyrus’ relationship with Liam Hemsworth is non-existent, she is now telling the world that they are still engaged. Reports of their relationship dissolving became prominent once he was said to be kissing January Jones at a pre-Oscars bash. Afterward, there was some drama when she removed her engagement ring…but now she insists that things between them are still going ahead full-steam.

Read what Miley Cyrus had to say about her engagement ring, her privacy and Twitter account at our friends at Girls Talkin’ Smack!

Don’t Ask January Jones For Mad Men Season Six Spoilers!

Don't Ask January Jones For Mad Men Season Six Spoilers!

As AMC’s hit period drama “Mad Men” nears its premiere date on April 7, 2013, more and more fans are scouring the internet and just about everywhere looking for season six spoilers. Don’t ask one of the show’s stars, January Jones, though, because her lips are sealed!

As it turns out, January and other cast members of the popular show aren’t exactly aware of what’s going to happen — until the table read. ICYDK has the full report:

“We don’t find out [anything] until we get that first script for each season, which is a couple days before the table read,” January told Zap2it. “The only time I’ve ever gotten a little bit of knowledge is if I had to learn something specifically. Before Season 2, I was taking months of English horseback riding lessons…not really knowing why. I thought I was going to bite the bullet or something.”

“And I don’t ask. I know some of the cast members ask and try to needle info out of [Matthew Weiner]. But, I’d rather be surprised.”


Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Have Split Up?

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Have Split Up?

Has the relationship between former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus and her Australian fiance Liam Hemsworth been deemed kaput? That’s the word that is making its way across the internet.

It was first thought that Miley and Liam had split up after he was caught by the paparazzi in the back of a car with January Jones. They were said to have spent the night together at a pre-Oscar party and she was rumored to be drunk and “all over him”. After that report made the rounds, Miley was said to have called off their wedding. She took to her Twitter account to deny the rumor, but ended up being seen out and about without the engagement ring he gave her.

Now, the rumors are persisting that the young couple have officially gone their separate ways. Liam has flown back to his native Australia to “spend some time with his brother”, but it’s no secret that he needed some time away from Los Angeles — and possinbly Miley.

A source said, “Miley and Liam are done; it’s over. She likes to party really hard and can be pretty wild. It became a problem for him.”

Another spy revealed, “They have broken up before, and are broken up again now. There was drama because she suspected he had a wandering eye. And she recently tweeted a denial that he cheated. While Miley has insisted they are still together, right now they are very, very much apart.”

Another source chimed in, adding, “Miley is a fiery character, and they do fight, but she is crazy about Liam. She isn’t ready to accept it might be over for good.”

Hat tip to Annemarie at CelebDirtyLaundry!

Miley Cyrus Photographed Without Her Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus Photographed Without Her Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus got a hefty rock for an engagement ring from her fiance Liam Hemsworth, but she hasn’t been wearing it since rumors made the rounds that he had cheated on her with January Jones. Rumor has it that Liam and January had attended a pre-Oscars party together and that she was all over him — and drunk!

Since, Miley has taken to her official Twitter account to talk about the rumors that she has canceled her wedding plans with Liam. She called BS on the reports and said that she wouldn’t be discussing anything other than her music from now on.

Now, it appears that despite her denial, she has ditched the ring! Does that mean that there is trouble in paradise for Miley and Liam? Actions do speak louder than words, no?

A source revealed on Thursday, “Miley still wants to get married”, adding that they have “always had a very passionate relationship. They have a very strong physical attraction, but have very different personalities and backgrounds. This makes their relationship very complicated.”

We’re guessing that time will be the only determining factor in knowing what the truth is…Surely he could’ve found someone better to cheat on her with than January — if the rumors are true. What do you think? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.