Christina Aguilera Looks Different

Christina Aguilera Looks Different

Christina Aguilera has really worked her butt off in her bid to lose weight and girlfriend looks great, doesn’t she? Kudos to her for buckling down and getting slim again. We can only imagine how much hard work and dedication she put into that.

Christina debuted her new body on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and she looks phenomenal! You go girl!

During her interview, she told Jay, “I’m a big micro manager, I’m a stickler about organization, everything needs a place, a purpose and micro managing myself even when I’m in the studio. … So I think every woman should relax and allow herself to be pleased in the bedroom. It’s the one place I can let go.”

She continued, “For me I’m an artist and expressing myself in a sexual way no matter how that changes throughout the years is something that has always come naturally to me. At this point of my life, I’m 32 and I feel sexier than ever because you know what you want.”

Get it girl!

Sharon Osbourne Had Sex With Jay Leno

Sharon Osbourne Had Sex With Jay Leno

If you aren’t grossed out enough before breakfast time, we will repeat the headline. Sharon Osbourne has had sex with late night talk show host Jay Leno. Creeped out enough, yet?

Osbourne made the revelation on The Talk, but tried to feign memory loss when quizzed on the topic. E-Online reports:

Well, on today’s show Mrs. O admitted that Leno got in touch with her immediately after she went public with their short-lived romance.

“As soon as the show was finished he called me,” she explained. “He said, ‘Isn’t it amazing that…we were both single and we both found our love of our lives and we both got the longest marriages in Hollywood?’”

Co-host Julie Chen prodded Osbourne for more information. She asked, “You mean, you had sex with Jay Leno?”

In response, Osbourne said, “It was so long ago, I can’t remember. One cannot remember that long ago! I thought that everybody knew everything about me because I tell everything anyway, but this I don’t know why I just didn’t discuss it before or shared it or anything. And it’s not like it’s a dirty little secret.”

What a completely unmatched couple. Could you imagine what their children would’ve looked like? We can’t even fathom the thought. Leave your guesses in the comments.

Seth Meyers To Replace Jimmy Fallon As ‘Late Night’ Host

Seth Meyers To Replace Jimmy Fallon As 'Late Night' Host

In April, it was announced that Jimmy Fallon would be taking over hosting duties on “The Tonight Show” after Jay Leno vacates in 2014. Now, it has been announced that Fallon’s successor is going to be Seth Meyers! They couldn’t have picked a better, more suitable guy for the job.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “We think Seth is one of the brightest, most insightful comedy writers and performers of his generation. His years at SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ desk, not to mention being head writer of the show for many seasons, helped him hone a topical brand of comedy that is perfect for the Late Night franchise.”

Lorne Michaels said, “Since 1982, there have been three Late Night hosts starting with David Letterman, and Seth couldn’t be in better company.”

Seth joked, “I only have to work for Lorne for five more years before I pay him back for the time I totaled his car. 12:30 on NBC has long been incredible real estate. I hope I can do it justice.”

What do you think of Seth Meyers taking over for Jimmy Fallon? Share your thoughts with us below!

Charlie Sheen Talks Lindsay Lohan To Jay Leno

Charlie Sheen Talks Lindsay Lohan To Jay Leno

Charlie Sheen looks at Lindsay Lohan and sees the person that he used to be. Certainly, he has offered his help to her before. He has said that he wants to be her mentor and has coughed up some dough in order to keep her from facing legal issues. Charlie really wants to be Lindsay’s friend.

When he bailed her out of trouble with the IRS, he gave her a check for $100,000 to pay half of her debt. Since, he provided her with a dress AND a stylist for the most recent amFAR event. That was a dress that she happened to hack up in half. Still, even after he helped her, the only thing he wanted was a “thank you” and had to wait and wait for that. Afterward, he gave her a job working on his new show “Anger Management”. Then, she ended up making off with some jewelry from the set of the show, which she ended up having to pay for.

Since, Charlie appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” where he spoke of the soon-to-be rehabbing actress. Read all about his interview HERE. Afterward, come back and let us know your thoughts on Lindsay’s antics!

Jay Leno Retiring; The Tonight Show To Be Hosted By Jimmy Fallon

Jay Leno Retiring; The Tonight Show To Be Hosted By Jimmy Fallon

Did you hear that, folks? Jay Leno is finally throwing in the towel on “The Tonight Show”. He is turning over the reins to the show to veteran talk show funny man Jimmy Fallon. Finally, a host that we can actually get behind!

Jay took over the show from Johnny Carson back in 1992, and eventually turned it over to Conan O’Brien in 2009. Shortly thereafter, he ousted Coco and returned to the show. That move has left a bad taste in a lot of his viewers’ mouths, so we are holding out hope that he doesn’t give a repeat performance to Jimmy this time around.

The Hollywood Reporter has more of the nifty details:

Jay Leno will conclude his 22-year run headlining Tonight in spring of next year, at which point the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon host will move up an hour to the 11:35 p.m. slot. The move also will see Tonight return to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, where it will be executive produced by Fallon’s former Saturday Night Live boss Lorne Michaels.

“Congratulations, Jimmy,” said Leno. “I hope you’re as lucky as me and hold on to the job until you’re the old guy. If you need me, I’ll be at the garage.”

The announcement comes just one month after The Hollywood Reporter revealed NBC was preparing an exit plan for Leno. THR further reported on Tuesday that Fallon had signed the Tonight deal and that Saturday Night Live stalwart Seth Meyers is being eyed as his Late Night replacement.

Will you tune in to watch “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon”? It has a nice ring to it, no?