Tom Cruise Denies Dating Jennifer Akerman

Tom Cruise Denies Dating Jennifer Akerman

Just yesterday, rumors popped up on the internet that Tom Cruise began dating Malin Akerman’s sister Jennifer. The reports suggested that Tom was ready to move on from his marriage to ex-wife Katie Holmes….but maybe that’s not the case.

It was said that Jennifer and Tom were getting close during the Stockholm premiere of his new flick “Jack Reacher”. We’re guessing now that it was nothing but speculation on the part of the people in attendance, because Tom is denying dating Jennifer.

His rep has denied the claims of any relationship between the two. A source insisted that Jennifer is also off of the market has been involved in a long-term relationship. A spy revealed, “The whole thing is completely ridiculous. Jennifer was there with her whole family who were cropped out of the picture. She happily lives with her boyfriend in L.A.”

Who do you think Tom is going to date next whenever Scientology clears them for a personal relationship with the Guardian of Xenu?

[Just kidding, Scientolo-weirdos, don't blast us with your ray guns....]

Tom Cruise Dating Jennifer Akerman?

Tom Cruise Dating Jennifer Akerman?

Has Tom Cruise finally found himself a new girlfriend? Following his divorce from Katie Holmes earlier this year, Tom is said to be dating Jennifer Akerman. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s his “Rock Of Ages” co-star Malin Akerman’s sister.

Reportedly, the twosome were seen getting close to one another at an afterparty for the Swedish premiere of “Jack Reacher”. Rumor has it that they even left the party with each other. Saucy!

A source revealed, “They already knew of each other from Malin being in Rock Of Ages so they didn’t need much of an introduction. Even though Tom was working the room, once they got chatting they were locked in. They seemed very natural in each other’s company for most of the night and at the afterparty at the Rose club. Then all of a sudden they were gone.”

The source added, “Jennifer lives close to Malin in L.A. so a meet with Tom before Christmas is more than doable.”

Do you think they would make a good couple? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!