Charlie Sheen’s gold teeth – Photo

The porn star that went on to blab to the world about Charlie Sheen’s sexcapades, Kacey Jordan, also told the media that Charlie has a mouth full of golden chompers. We weren’t sure whether or not to believe that, because Charlie is uber-rich and could get some of the ... Continue Reading

Charlie Sheen to avoid drug charges

Charlie Sheen is dodging the bullet in his recent drug scandal! According to reports, Charlie isn’t going to be charged for using cocaine, even though he was said to have a briefcase full of cocaine delivered to his mansion last week. The actor will not be prosecuted but the ... Continue Reading

Kacey Jordan babysat Britney Spears’ kids!

Charlie Sheen’s porn star friend, Kacey Jordan, once babysat Britney Spears’ children, Jayden James and Sean Preston Federline! Who knew that K-Fed or Britney would ever let a porn star near their kids?!?? TMZ has the scoop: Turns out after Britney and Kevin split, Kacey Jordan and K-Fed dated ... Continue Reading