Charlie Sheen’s porn star Kacey Jordan admits drug use, attempts suicide

Charlie Sheen's porn star Kacey Jordan admits drug use, attempts suicide

Charlie Sheen’s former porn star friend, Kacey Jordan has been hospitalized over a suicide attempt, after tweeting messages that she mixed booze and drugs.

She tweeted this message yesterday, “i just scared myself looking the mirror… my ribs are showing… i’ve been eating like a pig… somethings wrong”, followed by “i guess snorting a line during a steak dinner might be the reason lol”.

Afterward, she went into detail about her drinking and eating habits, saying that she basically drank so much that she forgot to eat. Then there was another admission of drug use, “i just snorted a fat line and i get a wake up call for my pedicure spa appointment in 15 min…. this is going to be a great conversation!”

And when she received some backlash over the drug comments, she tweeted, “Calm down guys… If Charlie can admit to banging 7 gram rocks I can admit to a line… Sheesh I like it better than coffee!”

She said that she kept drinking and passing out, each time praying that she would wake up again. For all who were concerned, she said, “a) i appreciate ur concern (hotel security raiding my room) b) i’m fine c) i have a family to live for… i’m not trying to kill myself.”

Then there’s this: “i took a bunch of pills…drank a hotel size bottle of jack… stumbled to the bathroom to weigh myself………86 lbs”

Afterward, she went on about the bender that she was a part of with Charlie, saying, “those 16 hours i was with charlie sheen… messed me up… i can’t get that image out of my head… i think i keep trying to feel his pain”.

The police showed up at her hotel last night after getting calls from the hotel about her ominous Twitter messages. TMZ has more:

Law enforcement sources tell us Jordan had cuts and scrapes to her wrists and arms … but insisted the suicide messages were merely a publicity stunt.

While Kacey was talking to police, we’re told the porn star grabbed a corkscrew bottle opener … tried to run out of the room … and attempted to cut herself.

Cops eventually subdued Kacey before she could further harm herself and took her to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.

We’re told cops reported the incident as a non-criminal suicide attempt.

She needs to get herself together already, before she ends up dead.

Charlie Sheen’s porn star Kacey Jordan aborts baby

Charlie Sheen's porn star Kacey Jordan aborts baby

Charlie Sheen’s porn star escort, Kacey Jordan, had an abortion recently, but she doesn’t know who the father was. Wow, okay. That’s just skanky business right there.

She says that she went back to her home state of Oregon to have the abortion and revealed that the baby could’ve been Charlie’s or some other A-lister’s. She said, “I had the abortion last Thursday, I went home to Oregon to have it because that is where I grew up. I was sick and on the couch all day. I think it might have been too soon to be Charlie’s baby, but you never know. I get pregnant very easily.”

She is so gross for trying to use abortion as a means of birth control. She said that she has already terminated three previous pregnancies. She went on to reveal, “Charlie and I tried to use protection. I kept having to put it on again. I don’t want people to think I just had sex with him and didn’t try to use one. I was just impressed he was able to finish really.”


Charlie Sheen shows off his gold teeth again

Charlie Sheen shows off his gold teeth again

Charlie Sheen’s paid escort, Kacey Jordan, claimed that the Two And A Half Men actor had a mouth full of gold teeth. She was right. We knew back in February that she was telling the truth, as TMZ released this grainy photo. Now, we’ve got a clearer shot.

He flashed his pearly whites gold chompers while hanging out with UCLA’s basketball team. This man can buy and sell Hollywood several times over and yet can’t get his teeth fixed? I’m not buying it.

Us Magazine reports:

Though Sheen has yet to personally comment on his golden grin, 22-year-old porn star Kacey Johnson claims it stems from the actor’s alleged drug use.

“All of his teeth have fallen out from partying,” she told E! News on January 29. (Jordan was just one of several escorts and adult film stars present during the actor’s 36-hour bender on January 25. After being released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on January 27, he began an in-home rehab program.)

“Most of his teeth were gold,” Jordan added. “He wouldn’t say why, but we all know it’s probably because they’ve fallen out from the drug use.”

Do you think Charlie’s going to get better?

Charlie Sheen’s gold teeth – Photo

Charlie Sheen's gold teeth - Photo

The porn star that went on to blab to the world about Charlie Sheen’s sexcapades, Kacey Jordan, also told the media that Charlie has a mouth full of golden chompers. We weren’t sure whether or not to believe that, because Charlie is uber-rich and could get some of the best dental work possible.

But, alas, we were wrong!

Charlie had his picture taken during his 36-hour bender and it’s true! He’s got nothing but a messed up grill! Who knew?

The porn star went on to reveal that Charlie has a device that he puts over his teeth to wear outside. Craziness.

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Charlie Sheen to avoid drug charges

Charlie Sheen to avoid drug charges

Charlie Sheen is dodging the bullet in his recent drug scandal!

According to reports, Charlie isn’t going to be charged for using cocaine, even though he was said to have a briefcase full of cocaine delivered to his mansion last week. The actor will not be prosecuted but the LAPD despite all of the people who have come forward to say that he was basically swimming in cocaine for 36 hours.

Reportedly, when 911 was called, the drugs were cleaned up before the L.A. City Fire Department responded to the 911 call for help. Officers are not looking into the alleged overdose because Charlie is not on probation for any previous crime or “engaged in another form of criminal activity.”

What? Since when is doing mountains of cocaine legal?

The porn star at the party, Kacey Jordan, said, “He did a ton of cocaine, the girls saying he snorts cocaine is a lie because Charlie Sheen only smokes cocaine, he loves to drink, first is the drinking until the point of oblivion and then comes the crack cocaine and he smokes that non-stop. The hernia story was just to protect the actual OD he had from cocaine use.”