There’s a reason why Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z returned the invitation to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding marked “Thanks, but no thanks.” Apparently they knew that the wedding would be reality television fodder and they wanted nothing to do with it. Via the “Daily Mail”:

Jay Z and Beyonce have reportedly turned down an invite to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding.

The 99 Problems hitmaker and the Pretty Hurts star are said to have rejected the chance to attend the nuptials, which are expected to take place in France, because they don’t want to appear on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

They certainly would’ve been the highlights of the show, thus why they aren’t going. They didn’t want to be the only talented celebrities in attendance.



Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West aren’t thinking about tying the knot in France anymore, according to the latest reports. Reportedly, the high profile duo are set to get married at the Ysidro Ranch just outside of Los Angeles. Did they not find a castle they liked in Paris, France?

The wedding date is said to be in “late May” and the venue the couple has chosen will provide privacy as well as beauty. Lately, Kim is said to have gone into extreme dieting mode ahead of her special day. Reportedly, she has banned any other liquids other than water from her diet. She’s said to be desperate in order to lose an extra five pounds before her wedding day with the rapper.

A source said, “She doesn’t really drink, but she likes a glass of red wine with dinner and coffee in the morning but her Atkins mania won’t allow her those anymore. She won’t even have a sip.”

She has already lost fifty pounds since giving birth to her first child North last June and she has been eating lean protein and green vegetables in order to stay fit. She’s afraid that she will slip from her diet, so she makes sure to have healthy snacks on hand for those hungry moments.

A source revealed, “Her assistant has a bag of celery sticks with her at all times.”

There are new reports making the rounds suggesting that Kim has had more butt injections — to the tune of $30,000. The snitch said, “Kim’s been focusing on her bum a lot lately – it’s becoming almost obsessive. She says the bigger it is, the sexier she feels. But Kim’s obsession is starting to worry her friends – they’re concerned she’ll take things too far. Kim says she wants an eye-popping booty that everyone notices. It’s part of her brand.”

The spy added, “Kim wants to please Kanye and she knows he’s obsessed with her rear. He thinks she has the best bum in the world.”

And that is only a matter of opinion, no?

Kim Kardashian Hasn’t Sent Out Wedding Invitations Yet

Kim Kardashian Hasn't Sent Out Wedding Invitations Yet

If you’re waiting to see what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding invitations look like, then you will be waiting quite some time! According to reports, Kimye has yet to send out any invitations for their special day. Why, you might wonder? Well, it’s because they don’t want the paparazzi to get the inside scoop on their nuptials before they can sell off the rights to the photos and videos from the ceremony, of course.

No, really. Kim is refusing to tell her friends where the duo are tying the knot until their guests arrive in Paris. They are gearing up to marry in Paris on May 24th, but they haven’t sent out the invitations yet. A source said that Kim “has not sent out any invites yet” because she wants to keep everything a secret for as long as they can.

The spy said that the couple’s 90 guests will receive a card that says a date along with “Paris” and will only be given details upon their check-in at their hotel. Aside from that, the couple are still thinking about what to wear for their big day. An insider said, “She’s actually deciding between a custom Lanvin and a Monique Lhuillier gown. She wants to feel like a princess, but have it be form-fitting, too. Don’t expect some poofy dress like she wore when she married Kris. Think ultra chic. Kanye is involved in every part of the process.”

“Ultra chic” is not the words that come to mind when we think of Kim and Kanye, that’s for sure.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Paris Wedding Crisis

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Paris Wedding Crisis

It appears that things aren’t going as well as planned for Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West. Rumor has it that the twosome were planning to have their wedding celebration this summer in Paris, but there is already a hitch!

The duo were planning on tying the knot on May 24th, but a French law is prohibiting their nuptials because they aren’t residents. The law states that one member of the couple must be residents of the city of love for 40 days before any wedding can take place.

A source revealed, “Kim and Kanye were unaware until recently that France required a residency requirement prior to the marriage. Kanye has an apartment in Paris, but he doesn’t live there full-time.”

In the meantime, Kanye has apparently been begging his pals in his Hollywood circles to include Kim in their parties — but they are all refusing. The source said, “Kanye is begging people to invite Kim to events or meetings with the cream of the crop in Hollywood, but so many people are refusing. He’s a serious star that people really respect, especially as a business man, but they want nothing to do with Kim. Kim is just not welcome at the same places Kanye is.”

The source continued, “Another problem is that Kanye is pushing not only for people to accept Kim but her mother Kris Jenner, too! That is definitely NOT going to happen. People want Kris around even less than they want Kim. Kanye usually knows how to get what he wants. Whether it is going directly to a studio head or the person in charge of an event, he has no fear.”

The spy added, “People are worried he’s going to start making big personal asks and calling in favors for Kim and they’re dreading having to give into him. Kanye is powerful, even if people don’t want to deal with Kim or Kris.”

We still think that Kanye called in the “Vogue” favor from Anna Wintour….there is just no way that could’ve been her idea to put them on the cover of the fashion bible. What do you think?

Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Disaster Details

Star Magazine: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Disaster Details

The latest cover of “Star” magazine shows reality TV star Kim Kardashian and it depicts what kind of travesty her wedding to Kanye West has become. The inset photo shows the high profile pair with their daughter North and the question that everyone is wondering: “Will they call it off?”

Kim and Kanye have apparently already sent out numerous invitations to their wedding celebration, so you know that their spirits were dampened when they received back a lot of the RSVPs marked “No.” 105 guests replied in that way, according to the magazine’s report.

In addition, Kim and Kanye’s wedding planner has called time on their working relationship because of all the diva demands going on. Kim has also had a reported twenty fittings and she STILL hates the dress. Perhaps it’s high time that Kim has realized that she’s not going to fit into a size zero Vera Wang gown?

Lastly, the magazine claims that Kanye has been tormenting Kim over her weight and that they are already in couple’s counseling.