Kesha Wants To Spank Harry Styles

Kesha Wants To Spank Harry Styles
Kesha is once again desperate enough to use the name of someone way more popular than her in order to draw attention to herself. It worked when she did it with Justin Bieber — and it worked with Johnny Depp — so color us surprised that she’s using Harry ... Continue Reading

More Kesha NSFW photos to be released!

According to HollywoodLife, it was confirmed by friends of Kesha’s that it is, in fact, her in the scandalous photo that was released recently. Even though, shortly after the raunchy pic was released, she denied it. But, friends say she isn’t mad about it! Kesha’s close friend said, “It ... Continue Reading

Kesha stays classy, as always

Kesha gives some pretty crappy Christmas gifts, literally. In a revenge move, the singer admits that she has a vengeful side to those who have wronged her. She said, “You know what, sometimes I’ll walk my dogs and full bags of massive dog s**t. Then I’ll wrap them as ... Continue Reading

Kesha still sucks

Kesha has just released her second video, Your Love Is My Drug, and it’s insanely crappy. And the song is awful, too. First, she’s in a desert, then it’s cartoon:30 and afterward, she’s a glow in the dark mess. Watch for yourself:

Audio: A new Kesha demo

A new demo from up and coming pop singer Kesha has just been leaked. The song is called, Boy Like You. You can check out this glittery trashtastic song after the jump!