Kim Kardashian Hasn’t Sent Out Wedding Invitations Yet

Kim Kardashian Hasn't Sent Out Wedding Invitations Yet

If you’re waiting to see what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding invitations look like, then you will be waiting quite some time! According to reports, Kimye has yet to send out any invitations for their special day. Why, you might wonder? Well, it’s because they don’t want the paparazzi to get the inside scoop on their nuptials before they can sell off the rights to the photos and videos from the ceremony, of course.

No, really. Kim is refusing to tell her friends where the duo are tying the knot until their guests arrive in Paris. They are gearing up to marry in Paris on May 24th, but they haven’t sent out the invitations yet. A source said that Kim “has not sent out any invites yet” because she wants to keep everything a secret for as long as they can.

The spy said that the couple’s 90 guests will receive a card that says a date along with “Paris” and will only be given details upon their check-in at their hotel. Aside from that, the couple are still thinking about what to wear for their big day. An insider said, “She’s actually deciding between a custom Lanvin and a Monique Lhuillier gown. She wants to feel like a princess, but have it be form-fitting, too. Don’t expect some poofy dress like she wore when she married Kris. Think ultra chic. Kanye is involved in every part of the process.”

“Ultra chic” is not the words that come to mind when we think of Kim and Kanye, that’s for sure.

Kim Kardashian Is Political Poison — Who Knew?!?

Kim Kardashian Is Political Poison -- Who Knew?!?

Kim Kardashian is apparently considered political poison…who knew?!?

According to the latest gossip surrounding the reality star, she has reached out in order to push people to support Barack Obama, but he and wife Michelle “wanted nothing to do with her”. Not so shocking, is it?

During Obama’s 2012 presidential run, she was outspoken in her support and “wanted to be a surrogate for the campaign”, but “they wanted nothing to do with her.”

A source revealed, “She was not the young, cool image they wanted to portray at all. Even though she kept asking, the campaign would never let her do anything in an official capacity. Kim is political poison. Having her involved in a political event or with a candidate is the last thing people who are serious about getting elected want.”

On Tuesday night, Kim appeared at congressional candidate Marianne Williamson’s fundraiser, but she failed to impress anyone present. Katy Perry was also in attendance and apparently people love her. An insider said, “Katy is on a different level than Kim. Everybody loves Katy. Kim is so controversial and it’s just too risky for any candidate to have her involved.”

Kim Kardashian Covers OK! Magazine In A Bikini

Kim Kardashian Covers OK! Magazine In A Bikini

Reality TV actress Kim Kardashian is featured on the cover of the latest issue of “OK!” magazine and on this week’s cover, she is shown in a bikini. What’s funny is that this picture appears to be so Photoshopped that we almost didn’t recognize Kim right off the bat. Of course, Kim does like to have final approval on any and all images that go out in the public eye, so it’s likely that she gave the final okay on this hatchet job of a photo.

What is even worse is that the tabloid wants to sell us on the idea that Kim lost all of her baby weight the natural way — without having any type of surgery. It was only in December 2013 that they’ve documented all of the work that Kim has had done and now they are saying that she’s gotten that freak body with her ginormous butt the natural way? Come on, “OK!”, you really can’t have this both ways here. Either Kim is a fake robot who has had a metric ton of work done or she has actually morphed into whatever she is today naturally. Someone at the tabloid should be in charge of all of the stories that they put out about certain celebrities.

Also featured in this issue is a piece on Katie Holmes dating Jason Segel. Somehow to us, this relationship would actually make sense. They seem like they would be cute together, so we are holding out hope for these two.

Lastly, the magazine wants to perpetuate some nonsense about Demi Moore adopting a child from Mexico. Are they that desperate to put some kind of spin on Demi being so unhappy with the fact that her ex-husband has moved on with Mila Kunis that they’re creating fake drama for her? Is Demi Moore going to be the new Jennifer Aniston in the eyes of the tabloids?

Kim Kardashian Shares Sketch; Instagram Fans React Negatively

Kim Kardashian Shares Sketch; Instagram Fans React Negatively

Reality star Kim Kardashian shared a sketch done by Jovan Rosario on her official Instagram account and while the sketch is cute, her followers didn’t seem to have too many kind words for her. She shared the above photo and captioned it “How cool is this! Thanks @ponyy_boyy for this sketch of my look last night!”

Some of the reactions to the sketch weren’t so kind. One user said, “Yeah, this looks way more haute couture without her big ass in the sketch”. Another commented, “He forgot to add about 75 lbs”.

Here are some more comments before they evaporate:

You wish you were as skinny as that

Lmfao just no

The f*ck happened to her legs

Only if tht ass was fatter in the drawing them it would be perf

No shes so much fatter!

You only like it cos it makes you stick thin lol

you’re not that kind of skiny

Looks more like Carrie-Ann moss in the Matrix.

What do you think of the sketch of Kanye West’s fiance? Have your say in the comments section below.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Paris Wedding Crisis

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Paris Wedding Crisis

It appears that things aren’t going as well as planned for Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West. Rumor has it that the twosome were planning to have their wedding celebration this summer in Paris, but there is already a hitch!

The duo were planning on tying the knot on May 24th, but a French law is prohibiting their nuptials because they aren’t residents. The law states that one member of the couple must be residents of the city of love for 40 days before any wedding can take place.

A source revealed, “Kim and Kanye were unaware until recently that France required a residency requirement prior to the marriage. Kanye has an apartment in Paris, but he doesn’t live there full-time.”

In the meantime, Kanye has apparently been begging his pals in his Hollywood circles to include Kim in their parties — but they are all refusing. The source said, “Kanye is begging people to invite Kim to events or meetings with the cream of the crop in Hollywood, but so many people are refusing. He’s a serious star that people really respect, especially as a business man, but they want nothing to do with Kim. Kim is just not welcome at the same places Kanye is.”

The source continued, “Another problem is that Kanye is pushing not only for people to accept Kim but her mother Kris Jenner, too! That is definitely NOT going to happen. People want Kris around even less than they want Kim. Kanye usually knows how to get what he wants. Whether it is going directly to a studio head or the person in charge of an event, he has no fear.”

The spy added, “People are worried he’s going to start making big personal asks and calling in favors for Kim and they’re dreading having to give into him. Kanye is powerful, even if people don’t want to deal with Kim or Kris.”

We still think that Kanye called in the “Vogue” favor from Anna Wintour….there is just no way that could’ve been her idea to put them on the cover of the fashion bible. What do you think?