Miley Cyrus Ignores Liam Hemsworth

Former Disney teen queen turned pop star Miley Cyrus has been ignoring her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth — because she is desperate to move on from him. According to the latest gossip surrounding Miley, she has been trying to put their former relationship behind her. A source revealed, “She doesn’t ... Continue Reading

Miley Cyrus Talks Liam Hemsworth Breakup

Now that everything is all said and done with her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, former Disney queen Miley Cyrus is opening up about their breakup. When speaking with Barbara Walters in a brand new interview, she talked about the transition and being alone. She said, “I was so scared ... Continue Reading

Liam Hemsworth Isn’t Over Miley Cyrus?

According to the latest gossip, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth can’t seem to get over his ties to former girlfriend Miley Cyrus. In his defense, they’d dated for four years and were engaged. Despite that, he didn’t seem to mind hooking up with another girl so soon after he and ... Continue Reading