Madonna Shares Hairy Armpit Photo On Instagram

Madonna Shares Hairy Armpit Photo On Instagram
Madonna took to her official Instagram account to share the above photo with her many throngs of fans. Gross, right? She captioned the photo, “Long hair…… Don’t Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart#revolutionoflove”. In a previous interview with “Harper’s Bazaar” she said that in high school, “I saw how popular girls had ... Continue Reading

Madonna Opens Up About Rape

Pop singing legend Madonna has revealed she was raped on a rooftop in New York within months of arriving in the city. Scary stuff! The Material Girl moved to the Big Apple from Michigan in 1977 to pursue a career in music, but the city was far more dangerous ... Continue Reading

Madonna Joins Instagram (Photos)

Reigning queen of pop music Madonna has decided to officially join Instagram! Just two days ago, Madge posted the above photo with the caption, “Cheers motherf**kers! I’m on instagram”. It’s about time! Among the other photos she has included are a photo of her sweaty cleavage, her mustache and ... Continue Reading

Madonna Flashes Butt To Audience In Rome

When I was growing up, my grandmother (not much older than Madonna), would scold me when I did something embarrassing or mischievous by telling me I was “showing my #8221; It was one of the few times she’d even deign to speak in a sailor’s tongue, yet with the ... Continue Reading