Dina Lohan Arrested For Drunk Driving

Dina Lohan Arrested For Drunk Driving

Dina Lohan has been arrested for driving under the influence! What would her daughter Lindsay say about this? Even more interesting, what would her ex-husband Michael Lohan say about this? Her blood alcohol level was said to be over twice the legal limit! TMZ has the scoop:

Lindsay Lohan’s 50-year-old mother was pulled over on the Northern State Parkway by New York State Police around 11 pm Thursday night … after she was allegedly going 77mph in a 55 in her white BMW.

During the stop, cops say she appeared intoxicated — and tested her blood alcohol level, which registered at .20 — more than twice the legal limit of .08. According to officials, “Lohan made an allegation that she was injured during the course of the arrest” … but when medical personnel responded to the scene and determined she was fine, Dina “recanted her claim.”

Lohan was hauled to a nearby station where she was booked on two counts of driving while intoxicated and one count of speeding. After posing for a squinty-eyed mug shot, Lohan he was released to a sober 3rd party. So far, no word on WHO picked up Lohan from the station. Lohan is due back in court later this month.

Can she try and blame THIS on someone else? Surely Lindsay got that from somewhere

Michael Lohan Pays $30,422 To Dina Lohan For Back Child Support

Michael Lohan Pays $30,422 To Dina Lohan For Back Child Support

It looks as if Michael Lohan has finally anted up the money to pay for his child support — to the tune of $30,422.

Mike coughed up a check after his ex-wife Dina Lohan went to a judge and asked him to be held in contempt. TMZ has the scoop:

And here’s how he got there. Michael was ordered to pay $1,500 per month for his minor children … but he didn’t, so the bill ballooned over the years.

FYI, only one of the Lohan kids — 16-year-old Cody — is still underage. It’s likely the back child support also covers the time when Lindsay’s lil’ sister Ali was a minor (she’s 19 now).

Michael told the gossip website, “I admit I withheld part of [Cody's] child support because I was angry about certain things that were happening … I was wrong and I’m making things right with Dina and my children.”

It’s about time!

Michael Lohan Is Writing A Tell All Book

Michael Lohan Is Writing A Tell All Book

Michael Lohan is planning on writing his very own tell all book — because he’s just so classy like that. Reportedly, the Father of the Year has already signed his own deal to become a published author. In fact, his first offering as an author will be a tell all memoir. Lindsay and Dina — be warned!

According to publisher Transmedia Group, Michael’s book is tentatively, and briefly, entitled “I Am Not Daddy Dearest … If I Can Turn It All Around, You Can Too!” We’re told it will focus on how he became a “Bible-quoting minister, drug interventionist, and successful business man.”

But yeah, he’ll also be talking about Lindsay.

Michael admits part of the reason he’s writing the book is that Dina Lohan is writing her own scathing memoir — and he wants to tell his side of the story.

Michael says he was also inspired the night “God pulled me from my wrecked car and mangled life before it exploded” — but c’mon … this is about Dina.


Is this something that there is really a market for? Can you honestly say that you’re going to pick up a copy of Michael Lohan’s book? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts. Of course, when Michael is done profiting from Lindsay’s name, he can always use his new son Landon to mooch from. Oh wait. He has already started that, hasn’t he? One has to wonder how much TMZ paid him for those first photos of their new addition. Any guesses?

Michael Lohan Says Dina Deserves To Lose Her Home

Michael Lohan Says Dina Deserves To Lose Her Home

If you thought that bringing another life into the world would make Michael Lohan a nicer guy, then you’re going to be sorely mistaken.

Apparently Mike thinks that his ex-wife Dina deserves to lose her home to foreclosure. What a nice guy!

According to reports, Dina is being threatened with foreclosure on her Long Island, New York mansion by Chase Bank. The bank has provided the mortgage on the property and Lindsay reportedly paid for the place. Michael says that it’s the “wrath of God” coming down on Dina after she spewed lies about him.

In a new interview, he said, “Dina loves the word karma now and again, she is feeling the wrath of God – it is all coming back to her! All the lies about rape abuse, being a single mother for years, me having no relationship with my kids and more! It’s a shame that Dina lives in such a lonely and dark world of lies and deception!”

Dina previously said, “Lindsay saw her dad abuse me – that’s why she’s so screwed up. She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems. Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse. She said, ‘Stay mommy, don’t leave.’ Like many victims of domestic violence and rape, I was embarrassed and afraid. I was very young…I thought I could keep fixing him.”

Do you think that Dina is telling the truth about her claims of abuse? Or are you on Team Mike Lohan and believe that this is all karma for lying on his good name?