Jay-Z Refused To Clap For Chris Brown’s VMAs Performance (Photo)

Jay-Z Refused To Clap For Chris Brown's VMAs Performance (Photo)

During last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Chris Brown was said to have put on quite the show. So much, in fact, people were left commenting about how good it was. Celebrities in attendance, stood and clapped for the often troubled singer. With one exception, of course.

As Kanye West and others stood up and clapped, Jay-Z was sitting tight, looking bored. After all, Jay is probably still holding a grudge against Chris for what he did to Rihanna. He discovered Rihanna, so it stands to reason that he’s still holding on to a beef with him.

Either that, or he’s busy with babies on the brain. Beyonce announced her pregnancy on the red carpet at the event and even showed off her baby bump!

What do you think of the situation? Is Jay still not feeling any reason to be nice to Chris Brown, no matter how many times he moonwalks on the stage? Sound off in the comments!

Will.I.Am defends MTV VMAs ‘blackface’

Will.I.Am performed with Nicki Minaj at the MTV Video Music Awards for their pre-show, donning “blackface”. Some commented that he set African Americans back 200 years, while others didn’t see what the big deal was.

He took to his Twitter account to say this in his own defense:

“1st. just because I where all black including head mask as expression and emphasize my outfit, it shouldn’t be looked at as racial… Let go of the past. there are far more important things 2 bark about. (Jobs, health, education) not a black man wearing all black everything. Are you guys serious? my outfit set “black people back 100 yrs” choose your twits wisely. no education sets people back, no jobs, bad health.”

Good for him! I couldn’t have said that better myself!

Lady Gaga loves her fans

Lady Gaga may have shocked the entire world with her weird meat dress at last night’s Video Music Awards, but she still is that artist who is really grateful that she has everything that she’s earned.

She took to her official Facebook page to upload the above photo and say, “Too much poetry tonight, + grateful words to say. But u love u, + I love I, + we were #bornthisway”

We love you too, mother monster, but please, next time, wear something that won’t draw the attention of thousands of real little monsters: maggots. Thanks.