National Enquirer: Michelle Obama Is Writing A $15 Million Tell-All?

National Enquirer: Michelle Obama Is Writing A $15 Million Tell-All?

First Lady Michelle Obama is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Inside this issue, the magazine talks about Mrs. Obama’s supposed $15 million tell-all! Could you imagine if the First Lady really did want to do a tell-all?

The tabloid talks of Michelle’s exposed “secret book deal” and says that it’s her “ruthless revenge”. The magazine says that it’s blowing the lid off of President Obama’s “cheating, boozing and drug use”. In addition to that, there apparently is some Hollywood star that the First Lady hates the most. Lastly, the tabloid alleges that Michelle has been fighting with Hillary Clinton.

In an obvious attempt at grasping at straws, the magazine also claims that tragic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was involved in some sort of secret gay life. The Enquirer reportedly has an interview with the late Oscar winner’s supposed gay lover. Ugh. Any way to possibly capitalize off of the latest tragedy and this publication is jumping all over it.

Bruce Jenner Has Surgery To Become A Woman

Bruce Jenner Has Surgery To Become A Woman

Bruce Jenner’s gender transformation story appears on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. According to the magazine’s report, Bruce has been spotted leaving a gender reassignment clinic just this month.

The inset photo shows a very womanly looking photo of the former Olympian. Sure, he looks like a woman, but that doesn’t actually mean that he is undergoing a sex change anytime soon. We don’t actually believe the hype surrounding Bruce’s supposed want to become a female. This isn’t the first time that these gender reassignment stories have become part of the mainstream media, but it isn’t very likely that there is any truth to the reports.

Somewhere, we’re sure Kris Jenner is just eating this story up. She may have gone as far as planting the story with the Enquirer for a chuckle. She just loves the gossip rags and the spotlight shining brightly on her entire family. Despite whatever it is that they are going through, Kris will always ALWAYS find a way to make a dollar or two from the news.

Don’t believe us? Tell us if you can find an entire day’s worth of news that doesn’t involve their stupid, famous for nothing family. Is that even possible?

National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Has Brain Cancer!

National Enquirer: O.J. Simpson Has Brain Cancer!

O.J. Simpson is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer and the tabloid is claiming that he is suffering from brain cancer. Perhaps it is karma catching up with him?

The magazine’s latest “breaking news” is that the disgraced former football player is facing one agonizing death. Even worse, he is begging for the people not to let him die in prison like that. Seems kind of bold for someone who allegedly killed two people (he got off, questionably), doesn’t it?

The tabloid reports that O.J. is begging President Obama to get a full pardon so that he can die in peace, instead of like a caged rat.

In addition, the magazine covers David Thibault, who just happens to sound exactly like Elvis Presley. From their report:

David Thibault has captivated Elvis fans far and wide after a video of him performing The King’s holiday classic, “Blue Christmas,” went viral on the Internet – and now The ENQUIRER has the incredible story behind his overnight success.

“All this attention is like a dream,” David told us in an exclusive interview. “I’m not sure how to handle it, but it’s fantastic!”
The teen rocker hails from a small town in rural Quebec and speaks with a heavy French-Canadian accent. But when he sings and plays guitar, he channels Presley flawlessly.

Check out his performance of Blue Christmas, below. Most notably, this rendition of the song has garnered over eight million views on YouTube.

What do you think of David Thibault’s singing ability? Hit the comments and tell us your thoughts on that and O.J. Simpson’s pleas for leniency!

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Involved In $100 Million Divorce?

Miranda Lambert And Blake Shelton Involved In $100 Million Divorce?

Country singers Miranda Lambert and her husband Blake Shelton are in for the divorce battle of a lifetime, according to the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Normally we don’t take too much stock in a tabloid’s report, but this story comes from many directions lately and isn’t seeming to go away.

According to the tabloid, Miranda and Blake are at war over their shared $100 million fortune. Reportedly, the twosome got into a very heated screaming match when Miranda demanded that Blake check into rehab.

A source said, “All hell broke loose. Blake said he wanted Miranda to be pregnant by their third wedding anniversary in May. He’s sick of waiting. He said if Miranda was a good wife, she’d give him a baby. Miranda shot back, ‘No way – not after losing all this weight!’ Miranda tore into Blake, calling him a ‘stupid idiot’ for thinking that she’d willingly let herself balloon back up after just getting into amazing shape.”

The source continued, “Then she dropped another bombshell. Miranda told Blake that she won’t even consider bringing a baby into their lives unless Blake goes to rehab to tackle his drink­ing problem. She thinks his boozing has reached the crisis point and that he’s totally out of control. Since getting in shape, Miranda doesn’t drink as much. She says now that her ‘booze goggles’ are off she can see what a wreck Blake has become. She worries he’d get drunk and then accidentally drop the baby or smother it by passing out on top of it.”

The snitch went on to say, “Miranda’s rehab de­mand and refusal to have Blake’s baby was a double whammy. He was so blind with rage that he huffed off screaming that he’s go­ing to lawyer up and protect his assets. After a lucrative tour, a new album and becoming a huge TV star, Blake’s earning power has explod­ed in the past year. But Mi­randa doesn’t give a hoot about who makes what. The gloves are off for the divorce battle, and it’s go­ing to get ugly. The way things are going, this might be their last Christmas together.”

Do you think that this is nothing but a lot of media hype over nothing? Or will these two get divorced before the end of 2014? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

National Enquirer: Angelina Jolie’s Tragic Movie Set Collapse (Photo)

National Enquirer: Angelina Jolie's Tragic Movie Set Collapse (Photo)

Angelina Jolie is featured on the cover of the newest issue of the National Enquirer. According to this week’s cover report, Angelina has “tragically” collapsed on the set of her new movie.

The tabloid reports that Brad was all panicky over her collapse because he may have thought it was a heart attack from which she was suffering. They also mention that Angelina is only 93 pounds, so that might play a factor in any health related risks.

Also featured on this week’s cover is Sandra Bullock and some new guy in her life who happens to be an NFL star. You can find out who she is sharing her bombshell romance with on the inside of this week’s copy of the tabloid.

Lastly, they cover how Carrie Underwood was raked over the coals over her performance for The Sound Of Music. What did you think of her performance? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!