DOWNTON ABBEY Recap Season 4 Episode 6

DOWNTON ABBEY Recap Season 4 Episode 6

Last week’s episode of Downton Abbey did indeed answer some questions, but this week’s episode left us with even more.

It’s his Lordship’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a Jazz band. It’s not just any jazz band, though. It is fronted by Jack Ross — the same man who saved Lady Rose from embarrassment at the nightclub recently when her date was so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight. Rose hired the band as a birthday surprise, but she really wanted Jack there because she fancies him.

Evelyn Napier is still infatuated with Mary, but she seems fixated on picking with his boss Charles Blake. He isn’t at Downton for the purposes of which she previously thought and Mary dubs him a “traitor”.

Downton Abbey Recap: Bates Knows About Anna’s Rape

Downton Abbey Recap: Bates Knows About Anna's Rape

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Mr. Bates knows about Anna’s rape, even though he doesn’t have all of the details. Mrs. Hughes confronted Anna to tell Mr. Bates the truth about why she has been acting so strangely toward him, but she doesn’t want Mr. Bates to go after Mr. Green. If we know Bates (and we do), he’d find Mr. Green and murder him for what he’s done.

When Mrs. Hughes confronts Anna, little did they know that they had an eavesdropper in Mr. Bates. It’s then that he confronts Mrs. Hughes for the scoop on why his wife is acting so distant. She tells Bates that it was someone random who snuck in while Dame Edna was performing and not Mr. Green.

We thought Edith was traveling to visit Mr. Gregson, but unless he’s moved his office to a doctor’s place of business, then she is there for different reasons. Could Edith be pregnant from her overnight stay with Mr. Gregson?

Mr. Moseley hears that Alfred has left Downton to become a chef, so he goes to see Mr. Carson to ask for a job. Carson offers him the job of a footman, but Moseley thinks it’s beneath him, so he tells Carson that he will mull it over. When he returns to offer up his decision, Carson tells Moseley that Alfred has come back and that there isn’t a position open.

Mrs. Baxter is getting comfortable as a Lady’s maid to Lady Grantham and it seems that Mr. Barrow wants her to have the same arrangement with him that he had with O’Brien. If she coughs up the secrets of the house, will she gain favor?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Downton Abbey? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Alison Sweeney To Leave ‘Days Of Our Lives’ After This Season

Alison Sweeney To Leave 'Days Of Our Lives' After This Season

Alison Sweeney, who originated the role of Samantha “Sami” Brady on the NBC soap opera Days Of Our Lives has decided that it’s time for her to leave the show — after twenty-one years on air! What was behind her decision to leave Salem behind? Read on for the dirty details!

Alison appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show on Tuesday and told the host why she’s finally leaving — after joining the show at the tender age of only sixteen-years-old. She revealed, “I have never had more than a two-week vacation in that whole time and yeah… It’s awesome. I love Sami, I love Salem, I love my job, I love daytime, I love the fans, I love everything about it.”

Her reasoning behind leaving the show? She said, “My daughter just turned five and my son is nine, and I just want to be with them and enjoy my last year. I’m going to be on Days all this year. We’ll see what happens!”

As far as how she thinks fans will say goodbye to her character, she said, “I mean it would be awesome to have some kind of happy ending, but then I also think Sami probably deserves some sort of very twisted like Breaking Bad ending, I don’t know. Sami has certainly caused her fair share of drama over the last twenty-one years. It will be twenty-two and I don’t even know what happens next!”

She added, “I’m really just excited to be with my kids and be with my husband and…have fun. And I write, my second book’s coming out and I love directing!”

How do you think the writers should leave her character after all of her conniving in the city of Salem? Should she get a nicely written exit befitting of a veteran on the show? Or perhaps Alison is right and they should write her up something evil and twisted? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Lamar Odom Is Happy His Marriage To Khloe Kardashian Is Over?

Lamar Odom Is Happy His Marriage To Khloe Kardashian Is Over?

According to the latest reports, NBA player Lamar Odom is actually happy that his marriage to Khloe Kardashian is over and done. Who knew?!?

As you may already know, Khloe filed for divorce on December 13th, citing irreconcilable differences. Lamar was said to be expecting the filing to happen at any time because he wasn’t surprised that their relationship was falling apart. In fact, we would say that he was the cause of the breakdown of their marriage. He was doing drugs for the biggest part of their marriage and then he cheated on her with other women. The cheating was made worse when he publicized it in a new video rapping about being on the “DL” while Khloe was out of town.

Reportedly, Lamar has been telling his friends that he is relieved that his ties to Khloe have been cut. TMZ reported that he went as far as saying that he was glad that she filed because Khloe brings out the worst side in him. We are curious as to how that is possible — unless she was being an enabler of sorts?

For the future, Lamar plans on getting his basketball career back on track and stay off of drugs and get his life back in order. In Khloe’s divorce filing, she asked that he be denied spousal support and is looking to change her name from Khloe Kardashian-Odom to Khloe Kardashian.

Recently, it’s being reported that Khloe is dating Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp. Do you think they make a cute couple? Maybe Khloe will get a baby and her happy ending sooner rather than later? What do you think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts below!

Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce From Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian Files For Divorce From Lamar Odom

As we all saw coming, reality star Khloe Kardashian has officially filed the paperwork in order to divorce her NBA player husband Lamar Odom. It really was merely a matter of time with these two, wasn’t it?

He was said to be cheating on her and doing massive amounts of crack. She tried to keep on the straight path with regard to the drugs, but it wasn’t enough to keep their marriage from falling apart. In addition to that, he released a rap video in which he raps about being on the “DL” while Khloe was out of town.

From the documents, Khloe is asking the court for a dissolution of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. In addition, she is asking for the court to deny Lamar any spousal support and she wants her maiden name restored.

Can you really blame her for taking this necessary step in her life? She really tried hard to cover up every bit of drugs that he was doing and keep that a secret from her family. In addition, she really wanted to have a baby with him, but it was revealed later that she was grateful that they didn’t have children together. Either way, she deserves to have someone in her life that will respect her enough not to cheat. What do you think?