Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Screw PETA’

Jennifer Lawrence has drawn the ire of animal rights group PETA. In The Hunger Games, Jennifer plays a hunter named Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is so good with a bow that Peeta comments that his father always bought her squirrels because she always shot them right in the eye. Before ... Continue Reading

Justin Bieber’s Latest PETA Campaign!

Justin Bieber has joined with PETA for a new campaign encouraging would be pet owners to go to a local shelter instead of buying from a pet store or a breeder. Every year, approximately 6 to 8 million animals find themselves in animal shelters, and 3 to 4 million ... Continue Reading

Bea Arthur’s posthumous PETA ad

PETA brought back Golden Girl Bea Arthur from the grave for their new campaign aimed at McDonalds’ chicken slaughtering methods. Apparently, she left money to them in her will. What do you think? Poor taste? Or, get ‘m girl?

Photo: Dave Navarro Gets Naked For PETA

Dave Navarro poses nude for PETA’s “Ink Not Mink” campaign, showing off all of his tattoos for the planet. He said, “Several years ago, I saw video footage of animals being skinned alive and screaming, and it, it honestly is the most horrific, inhumane thing I’ve ever #8221; He ... Continue Reading

PETA responds to Kelis

After PETA attacked Kelis for wearing fur, the singer told them to eff off and responded back in kind. Now, they’ve gotten back to her, in a more calmer response: Dear Kelis, I hope that this finds you well. I’m writing today because we’ve been inundated with phone calls ... Continue Reading