Prince Michael Jackson Witnessed His Father’s Death

Prince Michael Jackson Witnessed His Father's Death

The case of Katherine Jackson versus AEG Live is still ongoing and Michael Jackson’s son Prince Michael had to take the stand again today to testify. Yesterday, the teenager revealed that the King of Pop felt that AEG Live was trying to kill him with his scheduled 50 concert dates at the O2 Arena in London.

Today, he testified that he actually witnessed the death of his father. He told the court about his father’s last hours in the world and also relayed the traumatic events of which he witnessed. He said that he heard his sister Paris screaming while she watched Dr. Conrad Murray try to revive their father.

Despite his testimony, AEG’s attorney, Marvin S. Putnam, said, “He was a twelve-year-old boy who has had to endure this great tragedy.”

He added that when he was called to cross-examine the teenager, the truth came out. He said that earlier testimony revealed that all of the kids were playing hide-and-seek while Dr. Murray tried to administer CPR unsuccessfully.

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Macaulay Culkin the father of Jackson’s son?


The ‘Home Alone’ star – who became friends with Michael in 1990, when he was just 10 years old – reportedly donated sperm to create Prince Michael II, known as Blanket.

The sperm was then inserted into an unknown surrogate mother, and Blanket was born in 2002, when Macaulay was 22 years old.

An insider told Britain’s Sun newspaper: “It is well known Jackson and Macaulay shared a unique bond. Continue reading