Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Delayed For Eminem

Dr. Dre put his long-awaited album, “Detox’, on the backburner so that he could produce Eminem’s “Relapse” record. Dre pushed back “Detox” to help Em with “Relapse” and 50 Cent with his latest effort, “Before I Self Destruct”. Eminem says, “He’s recorded a lot of material. He was working ... Continue Reading

Eminem Opens Up About His Pill Addiction

When Eminem rapped, “I take a couple uppers, I down a couple downers, but nothing compares to these blue n yellow purple pills”, he sure wasn’t lying. The rapper recently opened up to Vibe magazine about the drug addiction that nearly claimed his life. He said, “It’s no secret ... Continue Reading

Eminem Talks About ‘We Made You’

Eminem talked about his new song, “We Made You“, which is set to be the first single from his upcoming album, “Relapse“. The album is set to drop on May 19th. New Eminem! Can’t wait! Give it to me already! And while you’re at it, where’s Dr. Dre’s new ... Continue Reading