Sarah Palin’s Son Track Divorcing Wife Britta Hanson

Sarah Palin's Son Track Divorcing Wife Britta Hanson

Sarah Palin’s son Track is divorcing his wife Britta Hanson after only being married for 18 months. And they say that gay people are destroying the sanctity of marriage?!? Ugh.

The duo walked down the aisle together in May 2011, but they have since filed joint divorce papers in a court in Alaska. “Us Magazine” reports:

In accordance with state law, their joint filing confirms they agree to property and custody terms as well as child support for their 1-year-old daughter, Kyla.

The Palin family’s oldest son married nursing student Hanson in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, with both sets of parents present at their ceremony. “Our families couldn’t be happier!” the Palin and Hanson families told Us Weekly in a joint statement at the time. “These are two hard working, humble, active, studious young adults who grew up together. We’re tickled that after two decades of friendship we proudly witnessed their marriage, knowing their new life together will be blessed.”

It just goes to show you that shotgun marriages are never a good idea. We kid, we kid.

Sarah Palin Shows Off Weight Loss; Is Writing Fitness Book

Sarah Palin Shows Off Weight Loss; Is Writing Fitness Book

Now that Mama Grizzly only seemingly wants to be famous instead of being involved in politics, she’s throwing herself into writing a fitness book. In addition, this time she is actually practicing what she preaches.

The former Governor of Alaska showed off a new slimmer physique while leaving a K-Mart recently. She’s noticeably thinner and she’s looking to start peddling her fitness regime. Oh yay. She’s going to Kardashian us into hating her entire family. “People” magazine reports:

In an email to PEOPLE on Tuesday, Palin – who’s known to treat houseguests to a smorgasbord of homemade treats such as moose chili, chocolate cream pies, pecan pies and lemon meringue pies – wrote, “Our family is writing a book on fitness and self-discipline focusing on where we get our energy and balance as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!”

Palin, 48, says she will discuss the topics in “our unique and motivating book.”

“We promise you what we do works and allows a fulfilling quality of life and sustenance anyone can enjoy,” she adds.

We’re not sure if Sarah has already secured a contract or if she plans to start shopping around once her book is complete. Does her new look make you want to purchase her book? Or are you just happy that she’s completely staying out of politics?

Russell Brand Explains Sarah Palin’s Appeal

Russell Brand Explains Sarah Palin's Appeal

While we may not get the appeal of the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, British comedian Russell Brand can sum it up quite nicely. Sarah came into the spotlight after being chosen for the Vice Presidency on the Republican ticket in 2008. Luckily, John McCain failed and the quitter from Alaska was never sworn in.

Basically, she quit her job as Governor, likely because she learned that her newfound fame would rake in the dough as opposed to being involved in politics. Now, Russell is explaining the draw for most people to this “lipstick on a pitbull” trainwreck. Thank heavens for comedians, right?

While promoting his talk show “Brand X” at the Television Critics Association on Saturday, he broke it down for all of us who were not previously “in the know”. He said, “People want to f*ck her. That’s why they tolerate the other stuff.”

Pretty handily summed up, no? Do you get the appeal of Sarah or any other member of her family?

Globe Magazine: JonBenet Ramsey’s Father’s Own Story (Photo)

Globe Magazine: JonBenet Ramsey's Father's Own Story (Photo)

After 15 years, JonBenet Ramsey’s father John is telling his own side of the story — all in the new issue of Globe magazine.

JonBenet was murdered on December 25, 1996 in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her body was found in the basement of the family’s home after eight hours of being missing. She was struck on her head and then strangled.

Her parents were initially suspected in her untimely passing, along with her brother. Her parents were cleared in her death in July of 2008. In light of the exonerating evidence, the Boulder County District Attorney issued the Ramseys an apology letter.

Now, the tabloid has the truth about the night that the pageant queen was slain. In addition, they cover why John blames himself for his daughter’s death. They also cover who John thinks is at fault for the murder of JonBenet.

In addition to the JonBenet feature, the magazine claims that Sarah Palin is at war with Tom Hanks — apparently he claimed in a movie that she is “stupid and unstable”.

The magazine also claims that Sherri Shepherd was caught cheating in the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Did she take more time than everyone else received in practicing for her dance routine for Monday night’s premiere?

What do you think of the latest cover of Globe? Are you going to run out and buy it to learn what John Ramsey has to say about his daughter’s gruesome murder?

Levi Johnston Thinks Sarah Palin Had A Crush On Him

Levi Johnston Thinks Sarah Palin Had A Crush On Him

Levi Johnston recently released his tell-all book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs and revealed that looking back, he thought that Sarah Palin had a bit of a crush on him. Talk about awkward!

He said, “Even growing up my friends would always say that [Palin would flirt with him], it seems kind of weird. Then one of my publishers said she had a cougar crush on me!”

Ewww…that had to be creepy!

He said, “I guess I’d say, ‘Yeah, I think she did.’ Now looking back and remembering what everyone said. She never touched me or anything like that! Now it kind of weirds me out thinking about it.”

He also revealed that his son, Tripp, with Bristol Palin wasn’t an accident and that she wanted a baby after her mother had her son, Trig.

He said, “Bristol wanted to have a baby. It all happened on purpose. I wasn’t tricked into it. I kind of went with it.”


Photo Credit: Fame Pictures