Heidi Klum Never Cheated On Seal

Even though Seal claimed that Heidi Klum “fornicated with the help”, she is sure to blast any type of rumors that she cheated on him during their time together. She was said to be dating her bodyguard, Martin Kristen, but has denied any wrongdoing on her part before their ... Continue Reading

Heidi Klum & Seal Have Both Moved On

Heidi Klum is taking her turn in talking about her former marriage to Seal. He talked to TMZ and told them that she was basically hooking up with “the help”. Afterward, he recanted his statement and said that he didn’t mean to make it look as if he was ... Continue Reading

Seal Clarifies Heidi Klum Cheating Reports

After Seal opened his mouth to TMZ about his divorce from supermodel Heidi Klum, it came off sounding like he was bitter that she was cheating with “the help”. Wait, the term he used was “fornicating”. He basically called her out for sleeping with her bodyguard Martin Kristen, making ... Continue Reading

Heidi Klum’s Representative Blasts Seal

Heidi Klum’s representative is blasting her estranged husband Seal over the reports that she was hooking up with “the help” during their marriage. He insinuated recently that she was cheating on him with her bodyguard Martin Kristen. He had worked for her for an entire four years, but she ... Continue Reading