Stephen Colbert To Return To Work Today

Last week, political satirist Stephen Colbert abruptly suspended the taping of his show, The Colbert Report. It was a mystery when the show went into re-runs without explanation. Stephen traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to be with his 91-year-old mother, Lorna. She was sick, so Stephen rushed to be ... Continue Reading

Video: Stephen Colbert thinks he might be gay

Stephen Colbert said in a new episode that GLAAD has issued its annual network responsibility index and his show was not singled out for intolerance. And you know what that means… According to Stephen, that means someone on his staff is gay! OH NOEZ!!1! Check out the funny video ... Continue Reading

2010 Grammys full list of winners

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards have kicked off with a performance by Elton John and Lady Gaga and they are both wearing dirt all over their faces. It’s a weirdness competition. Here are the winners from tonight’s telecast: