The X Factor ‘Top 10′ Live Performance Recap 11/21/12

The X Factor 'Top 10' Live Performance Recap 11/21/12

Tonight at 8PM EST on FOX is an all new episode of the hit talent competition “The X Factor USA”. On tonight’s show, we will see the top ten performers contend for the five million dollar recording contract. In case you’ve missed last week’s show, you can read our full recap here.

On last week’s double elimination episode, the competition was chopped down to ten from twelve as Lyric145 and Jennel Garcia were trimmed from the competition. Left in the competition are Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Vino Alan, Arin Ray, Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, Diamond White, Beatrice Miller, Cece Frey and Paige Thomas.

Stay tuned for our live coverage of the show as it airs. As always, keep refreshing the page often for the latest in updates! In the meantime, tell us who you’re rooting for to win the second season’s “X Factor” crown. On tomorrow night’s show, we can expect an awesome performance from British “X Factor” sensation Cher Lloyd!


Tonight, each act is giving thanks to people who mean the most to them and are dedicating their performances to those who are their someone special. Khloe is looking a bit red this evening…is it just the poor lighting? Then, we take a look at the rankings. Mario just revealed that there is another double elimination tomorrow night.

Singing first is Tate Stevens who is giving thanks to his dad. He is performing “I’m Already There” by Lonestar. Britney said his performances are always so touching that L.A. is doing a great job. Demi agrees with Britney, but said that this wasn’t his best performance. Simon loved the song and the story about him and his dad. Whether it is the pressure, or whether it’s the emotion or nerves, his voice was breaking throughout the song. L.A. said he sings with a lot of confidence and America loves him.

Diamond White is up next dedicating her song to her mother. She’s performing “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. L.A. said she has had many amazing moments on that stage, but she has never had a moment like that. She is the truth. Demi said this song reminds her of family and her sister and she related. She is blown away. Simon said she was fearless and incredible. He said she’s 13-years-old and she’s singing better than 20 or 30 year olds and he believed every lyric. Britney said she broke her heart and it was really good.

Emblem3 is up next performing their version of “Secrets” by One Republic. They are dedicating their performance to the people who have gotten them where they are today. L.A. said their performance lacked emotion. Britney said it was a nice change of pace and it was well done. Demi said she saw more emotion this time instead of past shows. Simon said he thought it was a fantastic song choice for them and this is the type of record they could make.

Arin Ray performed his version of “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. L.A. said it was a great song choice, but it was too big. It required him to give a gut-wrenching performance, but he didn’t give him a five million dollar performance. Demi said if she had a record label, she wouldn’t sign him, because she would be so bored. Simon said he is being trapped in a cage with these songs and L.A. is right and he needed a big moment in the song. He doesn’t blame Arin. Britney said last week’s performance was tough for him and it takes a pro to come out there and do this.

Taking the stage next is Cece Frey, dedicating “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler to her late sister Kelsey who passed away from Cerebral Palsy. L.A. said when she chooses a song like that, you want real emotion. He felt every word of the song and she has come a long way. She’s a champion and he’s really happy for him. Britney said it’s hard to critique someone when they’re pouring their heart out and it was amazing. Simon said she has had a tough time in this competition and they have seen another side of her tonight. He hopes they keep her in the competition. Demi said she loves her, that was awesome and she really poured her heart and soul into it.

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