Tim Tebow & Camilla Belle Have Broken Up

Tim Tebow & Camilla Belle Have Broken Up

Tim Tebow and his former actress girlfriend Camilla Belle have called off their romance after dating for less than only two months. Aww poor Tim! Is there anything that any of the ladies could ever do to cheer him up? Does anyone know?!?

A source confirmed the news of their breakup, saying, “It just didn’t work out.”

They began dating in October and shared a night out in Jacksonville, Florida bowling. A source revealed at the time, “They were grabbing kisses and holding hands…. They were having a great time together.”

Tim has vowed to remain a virgin until he ties the knot with his special lady. Good for him. Any takers, ladies?

Tim Tebow Covers GQ (PHOTOS)

Tim Tebow Covers GQ (PHOTOS)

Tim Tebow is featured on the front cover of the latest issue of “GQ” magazine. Inside, he’s shirtless. You’re welcome.

Tim Tebow Covers GQ (PHOTOS)

Inside, he spoke of being traded from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets. He said, “I think if they’re a Jets fan, hopefully they’ll be rooting for me. I’ll do whatever I can to help this team win football games. I’ll give my heart and soul whenever I step on that field and even when I’m on the sidelines. And at the end of the day, that’s really all you can ask of someone.”

Well….that and more shirtless pics.

Tim Tebow’s Virginity Has A Bounty Of $1 Million

Tim Tebow's Virginity Has A Bounty Of $1 Million

AshleyMadison.com, the notorious cheating website, has placed a bounty on Tim Tebow’s virginity.

The website is offering a whopping sum of one million dollars to any woman who can probe that she has had sex with Tebow. Since rising to fame, Tebow has claimed that he is a virgin and insists on waiting until his wedding night to consummate any relationship.

AshleyMadison boss Noel Biderman said, “Sports and sex go hand in hand. If Mr. Tebow is indeed abstaining from adult relationships, I would encourage him to find a nice lady or two and enjoy his youth and fame as much as possible.”

Biderman went on to say, “I guarantee that no man of Tebow’s stature could survive a season in New York without succumbing to the temptations of the city.”

Tim Tebow Claims He’s Still Single

Tim Tebow Claims He's Still Single

Tim Tebow has been linked with several women, but the quarterback assures all of us that he not currently in a relationship with anyone.

Most recently, he was said to be dating country singer Taylor Swift and Glee actress Dianna Agron, but he says that’s just not the case. In a new interview on Friday, he revealed, “I’m still single.”

Besides that, it’s not like he’s actually out there on the prowl, either. He said, “I’ve got a lot going on these days. I’m busy.”

Tim revealed that he is busy focusing on his foundation, which supports orphans and builds playrooms in children’s hospitals. He said, “My foundation is near and dear to my heart. To be able to bring people together to raise money to help kids, and make a difference in their lives, that’s what it’s all about. I’m super excited about it.”

Good for him for all of the good work that he is doing to help children! We love a charitable guy, don’t we ladies? Who’s up for the Tebow challenge?

Tim Tebow Talks About The Bachelor Rumors

Tim Tebow Talks About The Bachelor Rumors

After Ben Flajnik woos either Courtney Robertson or Lindzi Cox in the finale for The Bachelor (spoiler alert: it’s Courtney), we’ve heard that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow might be interested in searching for love on the reality show.

The rumor mill heated up after the show’s host, Chris Harrison told Access Hollywood that he discussed the idea with Tim.

Chris said, “I’ve actually met Tim Tebow. I met him about becoming our next Bachelor. I think he’d be a great Bachelor. He did say yes, but he would never do it. He has a little job called quarterback for at least another year.”

Tim addressed the rumors on his official Twitter page, saying, “Haha rumors can be crazy! Even though I’ve watched the show before, I’m definitely not gonna be on The Bachelor.”

Are you sad that Tim won’t be doing the show? Did you want to see virginal quarterback dating twenty-five women at once? How do you think he would do if he were to appear on the show?

Who do you think should be the next Bachelor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!