Juliette Lewis Talks Tom Cruise & Scientology

Juliette Lewis Talks Tom Cruise & Scientology
Juliette Lewis is opening up about Tom Cruise and their connection to the Church of Scientology in a strange way that suggests that the media is connected to the pharmaceutical companies and that’s what makes us all hate on their precious church. In a new interview, she revealed, “I’ll ... Continue Reading

Katie Holmes On Life Without Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is featured on the latest cover of “OK!” magazine and inside the magazine speculates what she would talk about when asked what life is like after being married to Tom Cruise. The magazine claims to have the inside scoop on Katie’s escape from Tom’s controversial religion Scientology. ... Continue Reading

Laura Prepon Denies Dating Tom Cruise

Just recently, there were rumors that “Orange Is The New Black” actress Laura Prepon was secretly dating action star and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise. Now, she is denying those reports of her dating the couch jumping crazy actor. From “ShowbizSpy”: “It’s just so funny that, when people don’t know, ... Continue Reading


Despite what you may have heard about fellow Scientologists Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon dating, the fact remains: they have never even met each other! Rumors began swirling that Tom and Laura were getting it on, following his split from ex-wife Katie Holmes. It was reported that the action ... Continue Reading

Tom Cruise Doesn’t Like Alex Pettyfer

Tom Cruise is not a fan of British actor Alex Pettyfer. Who knew?!? Apparently Alex has been a bad influence on Tom’s son Connor after the teenager became friends with the hard partying actor. Reportedly, Tom thinks that Alex’s vulgarness and his poor temper will rub off on his ... Continue Reading